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adventure with us

November 11, 2017

Sometimes, you just know that you’re going to get along so well with a couple from the first moment you meet them. We knew.

September 22, 2017

The first thing you will notice when you’re with Bailey: the way she throws her head back when she laughs. Wholeheartedly. In fact, when asked what he loves most about her, Josh answered that it’s her sense of humor. The first thing you will notice when you’re with Josh: the way he looks at Bailey. […]

September 16, 2017

We met Sarah and Frank earlier this year at their wedding venue, the Bradford, in New Hill, NC. They were there for an open house to find some of the vendors for their wedding — what better place to meet vendors than at their wedding venue? We have been able to get to know them […]

July 13, 2017

We just know when some weddings are going to blow us away, and this was no exception. We knew that this celebration would be beautiful because it was being held at The Bradford and because of the amazing vendor team, but we knew the minute we talked to Natalie about her relationship with Justin how […]

June 15, 2017

“We took advantage of the Labor Day weekend and went to Wilmington. Apparently, he had a whole planned proposal involving a handwritten message I would find in a “washed up” bottle. Tragedy struck in the form of me not feeling very well and wanting to rest in the room. While we were lounging around, I […]