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Our Favorite Business and Photography Resources

When we started our business in 2014, we had no IDEA what we were getting into! Now, over 5 years later, we’ve curated a list of some of our top recommendations of business and photography resources if you, like us, want to jump head first into this crazy fun entrepreneurial life!

We have divided our favorites into helpful categories so that you can find what you’re looking for fast. Need a recommendation but don’t see it here? Just send us an email at and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

Client Communication Tools

Honeybook: Get 50% off the Cadillac of all CRMs using this easy-to-use tool. Honeybook helps us with contracts, invoices, questionnaires, our workflow for all projects, and making sure we are the stealthiest email ninjas possible for our clients!

Pic-Time: We’ve tried out a lot of image-hosting platforms and we’ve found Pic-Time to be the easiest for us to use and the most robust for clients. Basically a win-win. Stop comparing all of the platforms out there — we already did the work for you and Pic-Time is the winner. Use code BTBRFA to get a free month!

Google Voice: This is what we use for phone calls and messages with clients and vendor friends! Not only can you link it to another number and forward voice mails to your email or phone, but if you’re not from the area where you’re working, it will allow you to have a local area code and will ease your mind if you decide to publish your phone number online! You can even set “Do not disturb” times to enforce office hours with yourself!

Mailchimp: We use Mailchimp to directly reach our clients and friends! Mailchimp makes it easy to email, create automated campaigns to send out educational emails, and market launches like special events and sessions.

Branding and Web

Showit: our website platform is a must-have for photographers and designers, or for anyone who geeks out about being able to move elements on your web pages around, pixel by pixel. We love how easy it is to use and their great customer service!

Tonic Site Shop: You don’t have to DIY everything. For Showit users, we can’t recommend Tonic Site Shop highly enough!

Creme Brands: The crème de la crème in the brand world, our friend, Kathryn, will read your heart and then perfectly craft a brand to match.


Canva: Hate Illustrator and Photoshop? Us, too! Use Canva instead. Thank us later.

Blogstomp: If you’re going to be adding high quality images to a blog page, you need Blogstomp.

Social Media

Tailwind: We primarily use this for scheduling our Pinterest feed out, and it’s been so helpful in growing our reach!

Link In Profile: We love how easy this is to use to connect your Instagram posts with direct links, especially if you don’t have that highly-coveted swipe-up feature!

Unum: Unum helps us plan out our Instagram weeks in advance so that we can spend more time off of social media.

Business Organization and Admin

Mile IQ: Drive a lot for work? Manually tracking miles is so 2010. Use Mile IQ to get reimbursed for that driving!

Wave Apps: Free accounting for your business? Yes, please!

Trello: This free website and app helps keep us totally organized: from our workflow to important links and passwords!

The Contract Shop: Makes all that legal stuff suck a little bit less!


Ultimate Wedding Photographer Experience with Jasmine Star

Mentoring – hint, hint, you can do this with us!

How To Shoot Film with Mastin Labs



Live Awake by Sarah Blondin

Heartful by Brooke Schultz

Play it Brave by D’arcy Benincosa

Creative Pep Talk by Andy J Pizza

Want more help learning about how we built our business or the tools we use? Head here to send us a quick message!




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