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Editorial Brand Photography for Whirl and Whittle

Branding & Business, Editorial

September 8, 2020

We had the pleasure of working with artist Pooja Pawaskar of Whirl and Whittle on an editorial brand photography session and we’re sharing highlights here!

We created these images on a VERY hot day this summer — can you tell? Pooja created this collection as an ode to the imperfections in our bodies that we often hate, but admire elsewhere, like in wood. From her statement about this collection:

Double Exposure Brand Photography

Woodturners are often on the lookout for atypical woods to turn. They search for woods that have unique coloration and patterns, woods that have burls, spalting, weird cracks, and crotch pieces. They are willing to pay high prices to acquire these pieces, pieces that would surprise them with their uniqueness. And collectors pay even more to buy objects made from them. When we can love, adore, and appreciate these woods for their scars and their shortcomings, why can’t we do that for ourselves?

Pooja Pawaskar
Styled Product Photography

Model Jade Jackson had her makeup done by Adrienne Duterte of Silver Ceiling Beauty. Our creative director, Janet St. Clair, was inspired by the name of this collection of objects — “Your Scars are Beautiful.” She wanted to play off this theme of the imperfect in the makeup, so Adrienne created some rainbow highlighting and a “scar” on Jade’s eyelid and hand. We shot lifestyle photos outside against a seamless background as well as a metal wall, softened by some white fabric, and then shot the collection of products indoors (so that we could cool down!). We are thrilled to announce that these images were published on B.E Publishing Magazine!

Editorial brand photography
Flatlay Styled Product Photos

Want to know what we mean by “editorial brand photography”? Watch this quick video of Radhika breaking it down!

Styled Editorial Photography
Product Photography in Durham, NC
Editorial brand photography

Thank you to Pooja, Janet, Jade, and Adrienne — this wouldn’t have been possible without you!

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