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Slow Saturday Morning Family Session

Mei entered Still We Rise’s auction to win a session with us and we are so glad that she did! When we first reached out to learn more about her family, we knew their session would be a special one. We love nothing more than a slow Saturday morning at home, and the Tan family definitely knows how to do it right.

We arrived at their home to banana bread that was already baked and eaten that morning. Kira immediately led us around to check out her room and the playroom upstairs. We loved seeing her read with her parents — it gives us something to look forward to with Everest! She was a joy to be around and it truly energized us to see such a curious and funny kiddo. Lewis is such a cutie, too! He was just learning to sit up and we caught some cute smiles from him as Leo and Mei snuggled with him!

One of our favorite parts of this session was definitely when Kira decided she wanted to show off her Halloween costume to us. She’s a Pokemon lover and is going to be Evie for Halloween. But wait — that’s not all! The whole family is dressing up together! Lewis was Pikachu, Mei was Snorlax, and Leo was Charizard! We loved that we were able to get a preview into the festivities that this Pokefam will enjoy later this month. We also loved seeing Kira and Leo play with Legos together while Mei put Lewis down for his nap. It is always such a joy to see kids’ brains work and Kira’s is amazing!

After Lewis went down for his nap, we headed out with Mei and Kira to Milk Lab, which is just down the street from their home.

Mei, thanks so much for booking this session with us. We so appreciate that you and Leo love candid, unscripted time. There is SO much love and wonder in your home, and we are so glad that we got to capture some of that.

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