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The Radian Experience

Want an idea of what our clients experience when they commission us to create photographs of their special moments and celebrations?

Artists Who See Your Day as a Blank Canvas 

No “fast fashion” photography here. Our process ends in the creation of art, not just pictures to post on Instagram. We plan to approach your session or event as such. 

Photography has transformed the way we look at things, and had made us more mindful observers. Instead of just pointing our camera at a person or object, we take time to really see whomever or whatever is in front of our lens. 

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And we see beauty and art everywhere: The way flames flicker from a candle. How wind and light shift through tree leaves. How a hundred words are expressed without anyone ever saying a thing.   

We aren’t just photographers snapping pictures that will get lost on Instagram. We’re approaching your day as an artist would approach her canvas, full of intention, layering light and emotion, and all the meaningful details details. 

outdoor wedding at Heights House

The Team 

As a husband and wife team, we offer you one unique style – a blend of editorial portraiture and documentary – from two different perspectives. 

Ian is an expert at spotting candid moments and will often catch things before I notice them. And I’m great at documenting the big moments, the details, and portraits. And when you have two people taking pictures of the same thing, you get to see the image from different angles and in different lights. 

While there are plenty of two-photographer teams out there, a husband and wife team offers a unique perspective. For one, as a couple ourselves, we understand everything that comes with being in a relationship – dedication, support, commitment.

But we also love capturing that connection between two people. In fact, I LOVE what Ian wrote about this in an earlier post so much that I have to repeat it here:

“I love photography now more than I ever have because it allows me, and us, to see the awe-inspiring beauty of intentionally crafted relationships. Through photography, we constantly get to see examples of the powerful work that goes into building a strong relationship. It’s always been there, this dedication and commitment between people, but I now feel like I have the right lens with which to view it.”

husband and wife team wedding photographers

Collaboration & Support

We are team players and love getting to know the other artists you are bringing on board your team to create a seamless experience for you. We do our homework so that on the wedding day itself, you get to show up and be fully present.

bride and groom mountain weddin


You won’t have to choose between getting gorgeous photos or enjoying your wedding day because we know how to give you both.  

We’re all too familiar with how quickly the wedding day goes by – almost as fast as the close of a camera shutter. So, it’s super important we capture all the images you will forever cherish while also giving you plenty of time and space to soak up the moments. 

So go on and have a great time with your family and friends. And be totally present knowing that we’ve got your big day covered. 

double exposure bride and groom
Bride and groom walking together outside


You’ll never have to wonder if we have gotten your message or if your wedding photos are sitting on our computer collecting cyber dust. 

We know that your time is valuable, and we honor the fact that you have a life outside of wedding planning. 

We also know how eager you will be to see your photos after that spectacular honeymoon. That’s why we’ll send you a link to a stunning online gallery of all your photos 6-8 weeks after your wedding day. Cheers to that!

bride and groom at the parlour chapel

How it felt

When we take a photograph, we take it with intent. We don’t just want to show what the day looked like but how it felt.  So when you revisit your wedding photos decades from now, you’ll be transported back to those moments.

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