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Maternity Session Under Spanish Moss at Wormsloe | Savannah, GA

We love meeting with new photographer friends when we travel and getting to meet Callie while we were in Savannah was no exception!

Callie is the talented photographer behind Callie Beale Photography and we contacted her when we were planning our trip to Savannah, GA. We were hoping to do a quick session trade somewhere quintessentially Savannah, and Callie thought Wormsloe would be the perfect place. She certainly wasn’t wrong! We got there just as the site was opening, and it was already filled with people who were ready for some photos!

We drove about halfway down the mile-long, tree-lined drive. There are over 400 live oaks covered with Spanish moss and we were in awe. The beauty can definitely make you forget the history: Wormsloe used to be a plantation and was a home for slavery in a city where, at one point, almost half the population was enslaved. We think it’s important to know the context and history behind the places we photograph — even though Wormsloe is beautiful, it is worth recognizing that it can be seen in a completely different light.

Callie, thank you so much for meeting with us during our travels! We so enjoyed getting to work with you and talking with another film photographer is always so refreshing! You are going to be such a wonderful mama to your little nugget. We feel thankful that we were able to capture these sweet photos of you in this stage in such a beautiful place!

double exposure maternity session at wormsloe
maternity session at wormsloe
woman twirling dress in savannah
woman playing with her hair at wormsloe
woman flipping over hair at wormsloe
double exposure maternity in savannah
pregnant woman at wormsloe historic site
maternity session at wormsloe plantation




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