Winter Birth at Duke Regional Hospital | Durham, NC | The Salos


Winter Birth at Duke Regional Hospital | Durham, NC | The Salos

Since having Everest, I’ve known that I wanted to photograph a birth, and got my wish sooner than I expected!

I never thought I’d want to be present at a birth. But after seeing how transformative Everest’s birth was, and knowing how much I love capturing the magic of experiences like that, I decided it was on the “life bucket list,” if you know what I mean.

Our friends, Amy and Daniel, were due in January with their second baby and I asked Amy if she wanted a birth photographer present. After a very quick and decisive, “No,” she reconsidered and decided that it wouldn’t be so bad if her dear friend, Radhika, was there. 😉

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m not saying I’m a birth photographer now. The birth photographer life has definitely not chosen me. It was hard being on call and I had more than a few stress dreams in the weeks leading up to her due date that Amy couldn’t reach me to tell me she had gone into labor in the middle of the night.

But, I have to admit — this experience was SO. INCREDIBLE. Let me tell you all about it:

  • First and foremost, you need to know that Amy is incredible. I don’t really remember what I was like in labor, but I’m guessing I owe some people apologies for being a total jerk. Amy was the picture of stoic grace. Honestly, I couldn’t really tell that she was having contractions, so when it was time for her to push, I was like, “WHAT!” Anyway, she was amazing. Women are amazing. Can you believe that each of us is here because a woman gave birth?
  • On Amy’s birth team were her husband, Daniel, and her mom, Lisa. She saw the midwives and doctors at Durham Women’s Clinic, so we actually saw the same midwives during our pregnancies! Mary Ellen, the midwife who delivered Brady, served as my lactation consultant with Everest!
  • Duke Regional had their flu regulation protocol in effect during this time, which means that only two people were allowed in the room with Amy at any given time. That means that her mom and I switched off from time to time. We were really afraid that we wouldn’t be able to both be in the room while Amy was pushing but the medical team was either too busy or kind to say anything when Lisa snuck into the room while Amy was pushing!
  • Amy’s first contractions started around 9:30 pm and Brady was born at 3:50 am, so watch out second time mamas — those labors can be fast!

Amy and Daniel, thank you. That’s all. I love Brady and I love y’all!

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mother in labor black and white photography
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