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Why you absolutely, positively cannot print your photos from a “big box lab”

As professional photographers, we are able to partner with really high quality photo labs to provide prints and products for our clients. We currently deliver digital files to our clients so that they can choose which files they love best and want to print. From there, it’s fairly easy to select “buy” and order a print or canvas directly from the web galleries that we provide!

We strongly recommend printing your work – whether it is on a print to be framed, on a canvas, or to be placed into an album, it’s important. Five years from now, ten years from now, twenty years from now, there is absolutely no guarantee that people will be able to gather around a computer to flip through a Facebook album. And what’s more, it’s just not fun! Some of my favorite memories with my family and friends include passing around loose photos or photo albums while ooh’ing and ahh’ing at old times and memories. The sheer number of photos that our parents and grandparents have may get overwhelming, and this is why we recommend that you print your favorites, especially for things like portrait and lifestyle sessions.

Recently, we decided to do a little comparison test to see whether there really were differences between the labs we partner with and recommend to our clients and the big box labs (Costco, Target, Walgreens, etc.). We feel we very reasonably price our prints, but we also understand the lure of taking a USB in and ordering dozens of prints for only a few dollars. We decided to send in some prints to White House Custom Colour (WHCC), which is a lab that we partner with. Below is a digital version of one of the images we sent in. We also took this image and printed it at Target.

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Oh, dear! We didn’t realize Target turned babies so pink!

The top image shows our 4×6 Target print in focus, while the bottom image shows our 8×10 print from WHCC, the lab that we partner with.

I think these photos speak for themselves! We totally understand the convenience of big box labs, and truthfully, if you want to print a few photos out to show to relatives or friends, that is fine. But when we think of the photos in our home that we display on our walls, want to hand down to our kids, or flip through with our closest family members and friends, we just can’t settle for the big box lab photos.

If you have worked with us or any other professional photographer, you have already made an investment to authentically secure your memories. We think it is a disservice to ruin them by then investing in low-quality products that will not stand the test of time. Think about those wedding or first birthday photos: don’t you really want your grandchildren to be able to see the absolute best versions of yourself? That’s what we believe in.

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