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We get asked this a lot. It takes the form of different questions, like, “So…do you think you’ll go full time?” or, “Wow, but isn’t photographing weddings, like, stressful???” or simply, “Why photography?”.

And as you can imagine, there are a million reasons, and they can all be stated very differently.

For example, there’s our mission statement:

Radian Photography documents the deep connection & powerful work of building a marriage, because we believe in the unseen wonder of intentionally crafted relationships. 

But then there are all of these small moments, kind of like the moments we capture in a photograph, that are a little more fleeting, a little more easily forgettable. And, to be honest, sometimes being a photographer is stressful…and hard…and lonely. We love doing it, but we started this post so that we could have a place to capture all of the reasons why and and more easily communicate the answer to “Why do you do what you do?” That way, when people ask, we’ll have the big reasons, but we also have all of the smaller ones, too.  This is a growing post, and will be added to over time!

Radian Photography

Reason #1: We see.

The Bradford | Bailey Leitch | Durham, Raleigh, Chapel Hill engagement, wedding, lifestyle photographer | Radian Photography | www.radianphotography.com The Bradford | Bailey Leitch | Durham, Raleigh, Chapel Hill engagement, wedding, lifestyle photographer | Radian Photography | www.radianphotography.com

Recently, one our clients sent us their wedding website. The pages included a ‘credits’ page, and when we went there, we found this. Oh, that one simple line, “May you always see yourself the way these two do.”

It’s at that moment that our clients reminded us of something that we often forget. Since becoming photographers — since we started intentionally looking for light and the way it interacts with objects, since we chose to start capturing people and the way they interact with each other — something amazing happened. We see beautiful things everywhere. Noticing these small, magical moments — from the blooming of a tiny bud to the way steam rises from a cup of coffee to, of course, the love a couple has for each other — has become so much easier. It’s something we didn’t have before we were photographers, and we are ever-thankful for the gift of seeing. Really seeing.

Reason #2: We celebrate.

Durham, Raleigh, Chapel Hill engagement, wedding, lifestyle photographer | Radian Photography | www.radianphotography.com

Recently, this sweet Instagram user tagged us in this post after reading our article in Holl and Lane Magazine. We wrote this piece after interviewing five women who are doing such amazing things, but here’s the catch — none of those things are the typical reasons we celebrate women. These women are not getting married or having children (both amazing things!). They’re kicking butt in their careers, starting businesses, learning and growing and empowering others, but those things aren’t celebrated. As wedding and lifestyle photographers, we love being able to celebrate with our couples and families. As two people who got married, we know how special that time is, and we hope that we feel just as celebrated when we choose to have a baby. But those are not the only things in life that deserve recognition or celebration. We are so happy that we were able to inspire even one person by calling attention to this. Thank you, Holl & Lane, for allowing us to share this piece!

Reason #3: We honor.

He greeted me with literal tears in his eyes. We were just meeting so that I could hand off some prints that had not arrived in time for my album consultation with his sweetheart, so he was picking them up to deliver them to her. What he said has been in our minds and hearts for days:

“I know I’m biased because she’s the love of my life, but I just have to say thank you. You two have a talent. Thank you for seeing her.”

Here’s the thing we often forget because, to be honest, it’s so second nature to us now: photographing someone’s life or family or special event is honoring that event. We have the privilege to show honor to so much in our own lives because we know how to do this in the most stunning way with our “big cameras.” But now, we all have that ability with the amazing photographic abilities of our cell phones. We won’t pretend that it isn’t sometimes a struggle to choose between documentation and full presence, leaving phones and cameras behind. But in the end, what we truly believe is that added observation, the creation of a tangible representation of who you are is our way of honoring you, of honoring this life, of honoring this world.

bride with veil merrimon wynne house

Reason #4: Coming soon!

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