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Why brand photography? | Video!

We have traditionally been wedding and family photographers, so why are we diving into brand photography?

We are super excited about this new venture, and can’t wait to be able to share more of the imagery we have been creating for a while for small businesses and brands.

Watch below to hear Radhika explain the why behind this new page and segment of our business.

Three big reasons we wanted to do this

First, a little story: last year, we spent a few hours with Lauren Jolly Photography and Amanda Castle Photography creating photos and videos for each other’s brands. We realized that while we had lots of lifestyle images of the two of us as a couple and even with Everest to show our family life, we didn’t really have images that stood for Radian Photography and we wanted that to change.

radian photography brand photography

We rented The Ginger Birdie and went to town. What we didn’t realize though, was how much that time would really change our own perception of our business. Sure, we now had some incredible imagery to represent ourselves — updated headshots, photos of us at work, etc. But more importantly, we now felt CONFIDENT that our presence online actually matched the ethic and energy with which we approached our work.

film camera and light meter

So why are we starting this new venture? Here are three big reasons:

  • We’ve actually been creating brand imagery for a while, so this isn’t actually new. We just wanted a space to share that with you!
  • The fact is, the way we approach brand imagery, with an editorial eye, isn’t how we approach our wedding and lifestyle work. With those, there are already stories to be captured, so we use a photojournalistic approach mixed with fine art techniques, to help document those stories for our clients. However, editorial photography is much more about crafting those stories, and we like having that creative input when working with brands.
  • There are so many unique and interesting things happening in the photography realm. While we try to keep our wedding and family work rather timeless so that it still seems beautiful and relevant generations from now, we actually want our brand work to be timeLY and represent the current moment in our culture. We want it to make a statement, and we wanted to give it some breathing room on a new platform to be able to do that!
flatlay tools of the trade

Let us know if you have any questions by emailing us at hello@radianphotography.com! Or, if you want to see what working with us for brand imagery is like:



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