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What to Wear: At-Home Lifestyle Photography

Choosing what to wear for a session is so daunting, and we realized that it gets even more complicated when the session is at your home!

What to wear at home lifestyle session

Recently, we’ve been loving the experience of meeting couples and families at their home for lifestyle sessions. Not only does it give us insight into their lives, but usually — wait for it — people actually feel more comfortable in their own homes! At-home sessions are usually reserved for newborns, but we don’t believe that has to be the case! We love seeing couples choose at-home sessions for engagement or family photos. As long as there’s good light in your home, we are just as happy photographing there as we are outdoors! Here are three tips for what to wear during an at-home lifestyle session. We even included a Pinterest board of wardrobe ideas to help you prepare for your session!

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For the ladies

We like starting with the ladies’ outfits because, well, let’s face it: there are tons of options. From dresses to blouses and skirts to pants, there are so many choices you have to make. Don’t even get us started on the accessories! If you’re opting for an at-home session, our biggest recommendation is to keep it simple. While a little pattern play or the addition of a fun accessory can add some fun to your session, usually a couple’s home has a lot of interesting things in it already. Unlike the outdoors, it’s important to keep your outfit simple so that it compliments instead of competes with all of the other things in your home — including your spouse or family members! It’s important that what you wear makes you feel comfortable, and in general, we love neutrals in ultra-soft fabrics: think a cozy sweater with a pair of your favorite jeans or a soft dress in a flattering cut. Looking for a new outfit for your session? The Gap, Lou & Grey, and the Loft are some of our favorite stores when planning for an at-home session. We think Amy did an awesome job preparing for her at-home session with Daniel. You can see it here!

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For the gentlemen

Don’t let your partner convince you otherwise: what you wear is important, too! In general, we like when guys follow the same general rules as listed above with at-home sessions: stick to neutrals in soft fabrics for the best results. Because the light in a home is usually a little bit more dim than the direct light from outside, when wearing bright colors, they have a tendency to cast light on those around you. Wearing a bright, dark blue shirt while snuggling your baby? You guessed right — those rosy cheeks could take on a bluish hue, a look we don’t love going for. While you can always include a little bit of color in your clothing, like in Thomas’s green sweater above, in general, we like for you to stick to neutrals as well, as long as you feel comfortable with what you are wearing. This doesn’t mean matching your significant other! So if your partner is wearing a white top, maybe go with grey or beige as opposed to a white sweater. We want to stay away from those 90s beach photo shoots! Richard chose to wear a grey button-up while Amy wore white for their at-home engagement session. You can see more here!

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For families

When planning an at-home session with your family, we suggest picking complimentary — not matching — pieces. The easiest way to do this by picking a color palette and sticking to it. For example, picture a color palette of greys, blues, and creams. Maybe you wear a light blue dress with a cream, polka-dotted scarf  while your partner wears a grey and blue plaid button up with jeans. Your oldest wears a cream dress with a blue hairband while your youngest wears a grey vest over a cream shirt with jeans. In this way, you’re not all matching, but you’ve picked complimentary colors to plan around, and you can add some interest with accessories. Need more help planning your family session? Check out this post!

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What to stay away from

In general, for at-home sessions, we recommend staying away from trendy clothes or bright, distracting colors. After all, this session is not about that dress that makes you want to take up salsa dancing! It’s about the two of you! More importantly, because there is frequently less light inside of your home than outside, wearing deep, bright colors can cause reflections of that color onto the skin of the person next to you — probably not a look you’re going for! Always feel free to bring in some color or trendy statement pieces in small ways — think a pop of color on a tie or a pair of earrings. But just like your wedding clothes, we want your photos with us to be timeless, and an easy way to do that is by actually feeling at home in what you’re wearing as much as you do where you are.

Want to add a few new pieces to your wardrobe in preparation for your session? We put together this board of some of our favorite clothing ideas for you! Click on the photo below and use it when picking out your new pieces for your session and you’re sure to end up with gorgeous photos in your home! Looking for a more upscale look to your session? Head to our post on a timeless engagement session ideas!

What To Wear At-Home Lifestyle Photography | Durham, Raleigh, Chapel Hill engagement, wedding, lifestyle photographer | Radian Photography | www.radianphotography.com

Have questions? Always feel free to contact us! We would be glad to help you prepare for your session!




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