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Wedding Wednesday: The Morning of Your Wedding

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July 19, 2017

We love arriving on a wedding day in the midst of the hustle and bustle of getting ready — brides and grooms are with their best friends and siblings spending time together on the morning of what will be one of the best days of their lives. But what do you do with this time to make sure it’s well spent? We have a few ideas for you!

We talked to three lovely women — a former client, a wedding planner, and a good photographer friend who will be married in a few short months — to ask them for ideas for how to spend time with your best friends on the morning of your wedding. Read below to read their unique suggestions — there’s even a fourth bonus tip!

bridesmaids getting ready

bridesmaids getting ready

Tip #1: Take some time for yourself before spending time with others

On the morning of her wedding, DC woke up early and walked around Charleston by herself. She suggested going for a run, eating a good breakfast, or relaxing. We love this tip so much. You will be around other people all day on your wedding day, which is why so many people say that ‘they blinked and it was over.’ It’s such a marathon! Carving out some pockets of time for yourself, from the moment you wake up to the time the cake is cut is so crucial!

bridesmaids getting ready

 Tip #2: Speaking of waking up early…

As long as you’re up, maybe you should eat! Our friend Amanda, of Amanda Blair By Design, had an amazing tip for the morning of your day. What did she do with her her bridesmaids? “Breakfast! Before getting ready and all of the craziness began we sat down and ate together  – best way to start the day and set the tone of being present!” Pro tip: though you may be tempted to start the day with mimosas to celebrate, don’t forget to drink water!

bridesmaids getting ready

bridesmaids getting ready

Tip #3: Do the thing you love most

Our friend, Megan, of Megan Kerns Photography, uses yoga to center herself. She is marrying her high school sweetheart in a few short months and — you guessed it — she’s having a yoga teacher come and teach a class for her and her bridesmaids on the morning of her wedding so that she feels centered and relaxed! The sky is the limit on this one. There are so many things you can do to enjoy some quality time with your bridal party on the morning of your wedding. Personally? We love the idea of creating a fun playlist and having a dance party, a la Radhika!

bridesmaids getting ready

bridesmaids getting ready

Bonus tip #4: Don’t forget your parents!

We loved this tip from one of our former bride’s, DC (see her Charleston wedding here!). She said, “Make your parents feel special – if you can spend an hour with them the morning of, they’ll appreciate it.” Your bridal party and groomsmen are not the only ones who have waited for this day! Spend some time with your parents or other close family if you can before getting ready for your wedding can ground all of you and create a more relaxing day overall.

bridesmaids getting ready

What are your ideas for what to do on the morning of our wedding? Comment below so we can add to our list of tips! Or, want more tips for planning your wedding? Head here to see more interviews and ideas!

bridesmaids getting ready




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