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Wedding Wednesday: An Interview with McKay Pittman of Oatmeal Lace

Wedding Wednesdays allow us to spotlight creatives, local and not-so-local, whose work we love! These wedding vendors, artists, and small businesses are all doing amazing things and we think that our couples should know about them! We invite you to come along with us to learn more about these businesses that will help you make your day as meaningful as possible (and, if you’re a Radian Bride/Groom, that we would love to work with)!

Oatmeal Lace | McKay Pittman

RP: Tell us about Oatmeal Lace and who you love to serve!

McKay: Oatmeal Lace came about after rediscovering my love for sewing and textiles as I was in the midst of planning my own wedding. I love, love working with bridal parties & wedding professionals alike; creating classic, heirloom quality accessories that can be customized to embody the feel of a special day or highlight a brand. I’m constantly inspired by the fabrics we search out: the texture, color & design of which are influenced by each individual we work with.

Oatmeal Lace | McKay Pittman

RP: How did you get started? Why aprons, clutches, and ribbons?

McKay: Long story short, the first set of clutches I made was for my own bridal party back in 2010. Our wedding was featured on a popular wedding blog and one of the photos happened to be an awesome detail shot of the bags that my photographer had gotten while we were getting ready for the ceremony. Several people commented asking where the bags had been purchased, so I set up an Etsy shop that week on a whim and made my first sale. The first two years I focused primarily on the clutches and then after talking with a few friends in the industry, we did a trial run of the aprons and monogrammed bouquet ribbons and here we are today! Really grateful to social media in helping grow my business, that’s for sure!

Oatmeal Lace | McKay Pittman

RP: What do you wish brides and grooms knew when planning for their wedding?

McKay: If we’re talking solely wedding day (not like, plan more for the marriage than your wedding, advice) than I would say invest in photography/videography that you love. The day goes by SO FAST and knowing that you have professionals that are taking care of capturing all the small details and the feel of your day in a way you love truly allows you to be present and enjoy the experience. These are the memories you will look back on throughout your marriage, to remind you of how you felt on this sacred day where you promised yourselves to one another. Along that same vein, stay true to yourself when planning. There will be many opinions to field in regards to what you should/should not do surrounding your wedding. Follow your heart and create a day that speaks to who you are as a couple.

Oatmeal Lace | McKay Pittman

RP: What resources or advice do you suggest for brides and grooms who are thinking about their dream wedding?

McKay: Resources have changed/expanded so much since I planned my wedding in 2010, it is crazy! (looking at you, Pinterest!) I feel like today it can be almost inspiration overload. I’d say find a publication/social media account/blog that has the aesthetic you are going for and start saving what you love. From there, find the vendors in your area that can help achieve the feel you want for your dream wedding.

Oatmeal Lace | McKay Pittman

Oatmeal Lace | McKay Pittman

RP: What are you working on right now that’s keeping you happy and energized?  

McKay: It’s summertime and the kids are out of school so my priorities right now are enjoying this time with them. I’ve really been focused on working smarter (I get up at 5 am to tackle emails and my daily to do list before the kids come find me) so that I can be present for them in our time together during the week. Not a project, per se, but creating this habit of getting work out of the way early helps me feel less stressed throughout the day and allows me to actually have fun when I’m doing other things. The combination of small kids and working from home can be chaotic, and anything I can do to lessen the crazies in our household brings me so much happiness. Everyone wins when mom is happy, right? 🙂


Oatmeal Lace | McKay Pittman

RP: When you planned your wedding, what is one unforgettable thing that you did to make sure your day and marriage were intentionally crafted?

McKay: I actually wrote the entire ceremony and it was probably my favorite part of the day, outside of the epic dance party later in the evening. We were able to incorporate our favorite biblical passages, readings and rituals that truly made it a reflection of us as a couple. The ceremony can sometimes get overlooked because everyone is anxious to get to the party, but a great service sets the tone for everything else that follows that day. And in terms of building an intentional marriage – I think that what you say when you promise to build a life together matters far more than whether you had chiavari chairs at the reception.

Oatmeal Lace | McKay Pittman

Visit McKay here to see more of her work! 


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