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Wedding Wednesday: An Interview with Bridgett Moricle of Bridgett Lynette Designs

Wedding Wednesdays allow us to spotlight creatives, local and not-so-local, whose work we love! These wedding vendors, artists, and small businesses are all doing amazing things and we think that our couples should know about them! We invite you to come along with us to learn more about these businesses that will help you make your day as meaningful as possible (and, if you’re a Radian Bride/Groom, that we would love to work with)!

Bridgett Moricle | Bridgett Lynette Designs

This week, we’re talking with Bridgett Moricle who is the calligrapher and stationer behind Bridgett Lynette Designs. Bridgett has worked with us on several shoots and we love her flowy, organic work. If you are looking for a wedding calligrapher or stationer, she does such beautiful work and you would be lucky to be able to collaborate with her! Read below to learn more about her work and heart!

Bridgett Moricle | Bridgett Lynette Designs

RP: Tell us about Bridgett Lynette Designs and who you love to serve!

Bridgett: I started Bridgett Lynette Designs with the intention to share my passion and love for creating with others.. To bring them happiness and reminiscence through art. There’s so much love and sentiment that can be captured in art, that we are then able to reflect on and feel as though we are able to relive that very moment or feeling.

Bridgett Moricle | Bridgett Lynette Designs

Bridgett Moricle | Bridgett Lynette Designs

RP: What do you wish brides and grooms knew when thinking about stationery or calligraphy for their wedding?

Bridgett: So many fun and unique details about your love and relationship can be infused into your wedding stationery. Whether it’s your wedding invitations, a custom painting of you as a couple, a painting of your wedding venue, or your wedding vows, it’s so much more than just wedding stationery. It holds meaning, sentiments, memories.. Whether it’s a custom invitation suite that has paintings of florals from the first bouquet of flowers that your fiance brought to you on your first date, or your wedding venue that you and your fiance will share your first memories as husband and wife, there are so many ways to infuse your favorite details and memories as a couple.. and when you pass that framed wedding invitation in the hallway of your first home or go to sleep every night and glance over at the calligraphed wedding vows hanging over your bed years later, you’ll remember those memories. The memories from the happiest day of your life.

Bridgett Moricle | Bridgett Lynette Designs

RP:  What resources or advice do you suggest for brides and grooms who are thinking about their dream wedding?

Bridgett: Wedding planning is so much fun but can definitely seem a little chaotic at times with all of the things that you have to consider. The best advice that I have is to hire a great wedding planner and to make sure that you always remember to follow your heart and not what everyone else is doing. When it comes to a wedding planner, I would suggest finding someone that has a personality that works well with your own and someone that you can trust to take your vision and make it reality. I only met with one wedding planner and at that moment knew that she was perfect for us. As far as following your heart, make sure that you remember what the day is truly about. Don’t let yourself get distracted by what everyone else is doing. Decide what means most to you as a couple and use that as the foundation when planning for your wedding day. Let the aesthetic and all of the other details come second.

Bridgett Moricle | Bridgett Lynette Designs

RP: What are you working on right now that’s keeping you happy and energized?  

Bridgett: I just delivered one of my favorite projects to a sweet bride this week. She was such a joy to work with and really allowed me creative freedom which I loved. It’s always nice working with bride’s that fully trust in your vision. She is getting married on October 7th (6 days after our wedding!) and was wanting a custom painting of her wedding venue that would be made into a guest book with a matte that their wedding guests could sign and they could then frame it and hang it in their home. It was one of the most detailed paintings that I have done before and it definitely took me many more hours than I expected but it was so worth it! Especially after seeing her reaction. That’s why I love what I do.

Bridgett Moricle | Bridgett Lynette Designs

RP: When planning your wedding, what is one unforgettable thing that you did to make sure your day and marriage were intentionally crafted?

Bridgett: One of my favorite things that Dylan and I chose to do which is more on the untraditional side but felt more like “us” is that we are choosing to do our first dance right after the ceremony. Our wedding venue has a little balcony overlooking the ceremony site and we decided that right after we say I do, we’re going to toast with a drink and just embrace each other and live in that moment as we dance to one of our favorite songs. We wanted our first dance to be a moment we would want to relive forever. A private moment that it was just him and I, embracing one another as husband and wife. It feels like the perfect start to our forever. This all comes back to us deciding to make our wedding day uniquely us and doing what’s best for us rather than what everyone expects us to do. Of course we want our guests to celebrate with us and make their experience an amazing one but not at the cost of the memories we want to hold onto. I would also say that our wedding planner has been so instrumental during this process. She constantly keeps us grounded and makes sure that we are intentional and doing what’s best for us instead of what “tradition” says we should do. Having Amanda Blair by Design by our side during this process has been one of our best choices as she makes sure that our day is intentionally crafted by us as a couple.

Bridgett Moricle | Bridgett Lynette Designs




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