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Wedding Wednesday: An Interview with Diane Elsass-Joyal of Bowerbird Flowers

Wedding Wednesdays allow us to spotlight creatives, local and not-so-local, whose work we love! These wedding vendors, artists, and small businesses are all doing amazing things and we think that our couples should know about them! We invite you to come along with us to learn more about these businesses that will help you make your day as meaningful as possible (and, if you’re a Radian Bride/Groom, that we would love to work with)!

This week, we’re talking with Diane Elsass-Joyal, who is the floral brain behind Bowerbird Flowers. We had the pleasure of meeting Diane at the Bradford Open House we attended earlier this year and have gotten to collaborate on a few different projects this year with her! We loved photographing her floral creations at a shoot (coming soon!) and a wedding in Charleston! We can’t wait to continue collaborating with her. Brides and grooms who get to have Diane’s creations at their weddings should consider themselves lucky. Read on to learn more about Bowerbird!

Bowerbird Flowers

RP: Tell us about Bowerbird Flowers and who you love to serve!

Diane: I love to work with creative and adventurous couples that love and appreciate the beauty found in the natural world. I also love educating and opening people up to all of the possibilities that are available to them and fit their budget and the mood they are trying to create.

Bowerbird Flowers

RP: What do you wish brides and grooms knew when thinking about florals for their wedding?  

Diane: Remember that your wedding day should reflect who you are as a couple. It is so important to choose a designer that you are comfortable with and then trust them to interpret your vision. Try not to get caught up in the Pinterest trap of thinking that you have to do it all! Prioritize so that you make your budget really count. Having a big wedding is expensive but couples and their families should try and avoid the pressure of doing too much!

Bowerbird Flowers

RP: What resources or advice do you suggest for brides and grooms who are thinking about their dream wedding?

Diane: Pinterest and Instagram are wonderful tools to help you narrow down the look you are going for but remember, this is for inspiration not duplication! Your wedding should be a reflection of who you are as a couple, the season and the geographical location of your wedding. I suggest using personal style, interior design and nature as resources for inspiration. We are all so visual so just about anything that makes your heart sing is a good starting point.

Bowerbird Flowers

RP: What are you working on right now that’s keeping you happy and energized?  

Diane: I love collaborating with other talented vendors in this industry. I do a few styled shoots a year and those are always fun. I am also focusing on the apothecary side of Bowerbird Flowers and enjoying developing the retail end of things.

Bowerbird Flowers

RP: When you planned your wedding, what is one unforgettable thing that you did to make sure your day and marriage were intentionally crafted?

Diane: Well,  it was a long time ago but oddly enough my focus was on the flowers. I lived in Maine and my first husband and I were married there in the late 80’s. It was August and there was a woman who was growing delphinium, nigella, and other beautiful field flowers. I took full advantage of that!

I have been engaged to a man here in NC for 5 years and when we tie the knot it will be a small, casual, and intimate celebration with our beautiful family and close friends.

Bowerbird Flowers

RP: Where can we see more of your work and learn more about you?

See even more of Diane’s work here!

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