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Wedding Wednesday: An Interview with Ashley Fitts of Fancy Knot Salon

Wedding Wednesdays allow us to spotlight creatives, local and not-so-local, whose work we love! These wedding vendors, artists, and small businesses are all doing amazing things and we think that our couples should know about them! We invite you to come along with us to learn more about these businesses that will help you make your day as meaningful as possible (and, if you’re a Radian Bride/Groom, that we would love to work with)!

This week, we’re talking with Ashley Fitts who is the talented hair and makeup artist at Fancy Knot Salon. Ashley has done the hair and makeup at several shoots we’ve worked on together (like this one, featured on Cake and Lace!), and we love sending our clients to her before their sessions because they always arrive looking beautiful, and more importantly, feeling confident! Read below to learn more about the heart behind Ashley’s work!

Ashley Fitts | Fancy Knot Salon

Ashley Fitts | Fancy Knot Salon

RP: Tell us about Fancy Knot and who you love to serve!

Ashley: Fancy Knot was “born” about 4 years ago after I left a large commission based salon in Raleigh. I knew I wanted to better serve my clients as individuals. Hoping to provide a more intimate and inviting space, I dreamed up and set into motion Fancy Knot! I love to serve all types, men, women, and children. Helps keep me on my toes and my job is never redundant.

Ashley Fitts | Fancy Knot Salon

RP: What do you wish brides and grooms knew when thinking about hair and makeup for their wedding?

Ashley: That the wedding day is truly just the start of such an amazing journey. Yes, you want everything to be “perfect” but most often I’ve seen the small imperfections be the sweetest moments: times to laugh at each other or yourself. In other words, enjoy the ride and don’t stress too much over the  little stuff.

Ashley Fitts | Fancy Knot Salon

Ashley Fitts | Fancy Knot Salon

RP: What resources or advice do you suggest for brides and grooms who are thinking about their dream wedding?

Ashley: We have so many options at our fingertips now, I don’t think you can go wrong researching Facebook, Instagram, wedding websites, or even bridal blogs. And, of course Pinterest!

Ashley Fitts | Fancy Knot Salon

RP: What are you working on right now that’s keeping you happy and energized?  

Ashley: My growing family! I have a 2 year old and another babe in the oven. Kids certainly keep you on your toes!

Ashley Fitts | Fancy Knot Salon

RP: When you planned your wedding, what is one unforgettable thing that you did to make sure your day and marriage were intentionally crafted?

Ashley: Great question! I’d say it was the blood, sweat, and tears my husband and I put into doing our own crafts and other DIY projects for our wedding day. We paid for our wedding ourselves but didn’t want others to feel like it was cheap or missed anything. We worked many hours making it personal and memorable.

Ashley Fitts | Fancy Knot Salon

RP: Where can we see more of your work and learn more about you?

Find Ashley at her homes on the internet here: 

Website | Facebook | Instagram


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