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Why you should print your photos!

We cried a little bit when we saw this video. Mostly we were laughing, but there is so much truth in this! Y’all. Do you want to know what people want to know more than anything when they want to hire us? Whether they’ll get digital files. And YES, we want you to have digital files! We got married once, too, and we couldn’t wait to have those photos at our fingertips either! But we did not take these photos for them to live on your computer or on Facebook! Photos are for you to enjoy and look at. Don’t let them live in megabytes.

We love Target as much as the next woman in her 20s or 30s (or…wait…do people STOP loving Target??) who wants to look fly. Okay, so mostly Radhika loves Target… But here’s what Target WON’T tell you. When you take that beautiful digital file in and “instant print” it in the hour that you spend at the dollar spot, you are NOT getting a high quality product! If you spent hundreds or thousands on getting incredible, high quality files, then it is crazy to spend only a few dollars putting that gorgeous art on your wall. Groupon canvases won’t cut it either, folks.

Currently, we do not require clients to purchase albums or prints or canvases from us directly, but there is nothing that makes us happier than seeing our work in print on people’s walls or in an album. When we got married, we made sure to budget so that we got an album and printed our photos to frame on the walls of our house. We do not open the folder to scroll through our digital files on our computer anymore, but you can believe that we pull out that leather album and run our fingers over the magazine-quality, matte pages. Okay, so mostly Radhika does this…whatever. When we enter our home, our wedding photos are the first thing we see on the wall in front of us. And they look GOOD. Please, please take the time to surround yourself with high quality versions of your images. The easiest way to do this is to order them through your photographer, but if you find another way, by all means use that. Just ENJOY your photos. That’s what they’re for. We won’t make claims for what will happen if you don’t, but we’re not here to disagree with that video either! 🙂

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