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Wedding Wednesday: 5 Ways to Honor Loved Ones on Your Wedding Day

Wedding days are filled with joyous moments, the loved ones in your life surrounding and celebrating you. But what happens if they are not able to be there? For various reasons, the team of vendors who collaborated to create this shoot all shared this experience; time, distance, life circumstances, or other factors kept some of their loved ones from being able to be present on their wedding days. This shoot was created to find ways to honor loved ones who might not be there physically, but whose love and presence can be felt in different ways with a little intention and planning. We captured this shoot at the Parlour at Manns Chapel, a building that was almost forgotten, but brought back to life with tender care. We felt that this would be the perfect setting for this shoot.

Five Ways to Honor Loved Ones on Your Wedding Day

Getting Ready

Surround yourself with the belongings of your loved ones while getting ready. This can look like using your grandmother’s mirror for final touches hair and makeup touches, or dressing in a room decorated with family portraits. Creating these types of spaces and moments can allow you to feel presence of your loved ones at special times on your wedding day. Specific wardrobe pieces can be included as well: wearing a vintage stole or hat that belonged to a loved one is a beautiful way to honor them.

Parlour at Manns Chapel wedding venue

bride's wedding dress hanging up

bride getting ready

love letters black and white

wedding cake recipe

Signature Recipe

If a loved one has or had a signature recipe that could often be found in their hand, then consider adopting it on your wedding day to honor them. In this case, a cake recipe was used to make the wedding cake seen in these photos.

bride holding wedding cake

wedding invitation

wedding love letters ten acre paper co


One of the most hallmarks of this shoot were the love letters written and sent by the planner’s grandfather while at war. These incredible gifts were incorporated into the stationery items used in this shoot and heightened the experience of opening the suite to something that allowed guests a peek into family legacy.

groom getting ready

silhouette frames

bridal details

groom holding pocketwatch

wedding invitation by ten acre paper co

Heirloom Jewelry

If heirloom jewelry pieces are available to you, absolutely use them on your day. A beautiful strand of pearls, vintage earrings, and an old pocket watch were incorporated to honor family members. Wearing these pieces, even if they can’t be seen by others around you, can help you feel closer to the ones you love.

parlour at manns chapel bride and groom

bride at parlour at manns chapel

black and white bride

redhead bride with bouquet

Favorite Florals

Incorporating your loved one’s favorite florals into a bouquet or centerpiece arrangements can be a beautiful way to celebrate them. Mustard roses, in this case, were chosen as a unique accent piece in the bride’s bouquet and in arrangements. The smell, color, and distinct look of this flower allowed the florist’s grandmother’s heart to shine through.


bridal flowers

bride and groom at parlour at manns chapel

bride at parlour at manns chapel

groom at parlour at manns chapel

bowerbird flowers wedding bouquet

bride and groom bowerbird flowers bouquet

bride at parlour at manns chapel

bride and groom at parlour at manns chapel

Thank you to all of the vendors and artists that took part in this shoot — it would not have been possible without you!


Featured on: Chic Vintage Brides

Planning & Styling: Plume Events

Venue: The Parlour at Manns Chapel

Florals: Bowerbird Flowers

Stationery: Ten Acre Paper Co. 

Hair and Makeup: Wink Hair and Makeup

Dress: Gilded Bridal

honor loved ones on wedding day

We hope some of these ideas are useful to you as you plan your event! For more resources on planning your day, see some of our Wedding Edition FAQs here!



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