UNC Chapel Hill Maternity Session | Deesha & Dhaval


UNC Chapel Hill Maternity Session | Deesha & Dhaval

Deesha and Dhaval are one of our very favorite couples. We’ve literally been able to watch their oldest daughter, Ahana, grow up. And now we can’t wait to do the same with baby girl #2! We got to celebrate her arrival with a UNC Chapel Hill maternity session.

We first met Deesha, Dhaval, and (technically, TECHNICALLY) Ahana in late 2016! Isn’t that amazing? We photographed their baby shower and maternity session before Ahana arrived and have been photographing her since then as well! Now that they are expecting their second daughter, we can’t wait to see her make the transition to big sister! The photos from their maternity session include some of the books she’s been reading to prepare.

old well chapel hill
chapel hill family photography
unc maternity session

We met at UNC Chapel Hill’s Old Well, one of our favorite landmarks in this area. We even got to see Ahana drink from the Old Well, a tradition that we enjoyed while we ourselves were undergrads. We’re pretty sure she’ll earn a 4.0 during this first semester as a big sister. 😉

dad and daughter playing together
older sister kissing mom's belly
big sister with book
maternity session in the fall
dad and daughter at old well
older sister kissing mom's belly
maternity session at unc
unc maternity session in fall
maternity session with older sister
maternity session at wilson library

One of the most fun things about this session is that, after the Old Well, we got to walk over to the Bell Tower for some of the photos! Despite having photographed at UNC countless times, including another UNC Chapel Hill maternity session, we haven’t done photos at the Bell Tower since our VERY first engagement session in 2011! Can you believe that?

maternity session in chapel hill
bell tower maternity session
bell tower family session

Ahana showed off her jumping skills, was a butterfly, and ran rings around her parents during this session, so we’re pretty sure that they’re going to have a very helpful toddler on their hands when 2.0 arrives in just a few weeks. Don’t worry, Deesha and Dhaval — we’re taking notes!

unc chapel hill maternity session

In all seriousness, we love you guys and are so thankful to spend time with you! We can’t wait to meet this new little love — we’re eager to find out whether she’ll have just as much hair and be just as cute as Ahana was when she was a newborn!

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