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Three unique engagement photo ideas

Recently, we saw a photographer post an engagement session that she had done in – wait for it – IKEA. We were floored. Not only were the photos great, but they were so unique! How many people do you know that have their engagement photos done in such a fun way?

Don’t get us wrong – we LOVE the traditional photos done in a beautiful, natural environment. Take a look at gorgeous Hannah and Scott below, who had their photos taken in downtown Hillsborough, a place that’s super meaningful for them. We love spending time with couples in places or doing things that are special to them.

Just remember, that these are photos that you will treasure for the rest of your lives! And we want them to be as true to you as possible. So if Ikea is your thing, we’ll meet you there! If you love ice cream, let’s head to The Parlour! Engagement sessions that are true to you will produce photos that are authentic as well. This is one of the reasons we loved Hannah and Scott’s session so much!

engagement session eno river state park

Here are some of the sessions that we’ve seen that have knocked our socks off. Hopefully they provide you with some inspiration, too!

1) Ikea engagement session by Savannah Lauren Photography

Why we love it: Shane and Emily look like they are having a blast, and we love anyone who loves Ikea! What a fun way to showcase their fun spirits!

2) Zombie engagement session by Amanda Rynda Photography

Why we love it: Juliana and Ben’s session started out like many sweet engagement sessions – a nice little picnic in the grass. We loved that they showed off their quirky personalities by throwing zombies into the mix! We had no idea that was coming when we first saw these photos a few years ago, but have not forgotten them!

3) State fair session by yours truly, Radian Photography!

Why we love it: While not actually an engagement session, we loved meeting Amy and Daniel at the State Fair, a fall staple in North Carolina. It was such a fun way to experience the fun at the fair!

Unique engagement sessions

Have you seen other examples of engagement sessions that are unique? Leave us a comment below and let us know!




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