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Three Mini Sessions Clothing Color Palettes

We have some exciting news, friends! This Fall, we are opening up a limited number of spots for mini sessions! We are so thrilled to be planning these and wanted to give you a sneak peek into what they will be like and some ways you can make sure preparing for them is stress-free!

What to wear photo session

Ready to go but stuck on what to wear? Read below to see three clothing “color palettes” that we recommend! The reason we call these clothing color palettes is because that idea takes you from “What can we wear that matches?” to “How do textures, colors, and patterns work together and complement each other?” We know that with significant others and littles, coordinating outfits can be difficult and we don’t want you to be stuck in your family photos from the 90s, with all plaid outfits or with the dreaded white t-shirts and jeans matching look. Instead, we want you to think about color palettes and how they can mix with texture and pattern in your clothing so that everyone complements each other and creates a cohesive look together. The photos below are from sessions we have done with former clients (who all followed our style guides beautifully!) from our travels, and from the magical, magical world of Pinterest.

Mini sessions outfits

Palette option #1: Blues and greys

We love this cool, relaxing combo because it works perfectly against the richer hues of fall. It calls attention to the subjects and sets them apart from their surroundings. Blues and greys are a little more unexpected for fall, but that’s why we love this combo so much! Plus, we’re almost certain you already have something in your wardrobe that can work. If not, we’re not opposed to a little shopping before your session! 😉

Mini sessions outfits

Palette option #2: Soft neutrals

You just can’t go wrong with neutrals, in our opinion. They bring attention to what matters most — you and the love you share for each other. Easy to coordinate and add in texture and accessories (scarves and chunky sweaters are our favorite!), they just never look bad. Plus, you don’t have to worry about deep hues reflecting off of each other’s skin, and that’s a win!

Mini sessions outfits

Palette option #3: Greens and creams

The most holiday-esque palette we put together, this one is perfect for those of you hoping to use your mini session photos for your holiday cards to send to friends and family. We love how organic pairing greens with creams and beiges can look and recommend it if you want to incorporate some color into your session!

Have questions about what to wear? Feel free to shoot us an email at! Otherwise, feel free to choose your own adventure:

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