Three Easy Toddler Activities for Your Newborn Session

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Three Easy Toddler Activities for Your Newborn Session

Worried about keeping your toddler busy during your newborn session? We have some ideas that will keep them occupied!

Since having Opal, we have definitely found times when we need to keep Everest occupied, especially if one parent is watching both kiddos. This made us realize something — what are we going to do during our newborn session when Everest surely can’t hang for an entire hour? It’s during a weekday so we can’t ask a parent to come babysit for a little while, but we realized we already have some tips and tools in our back pockets. We figured this might be helpful to some of you who are just going through the transition from one to two as well!

Luckily, we were gifted or found a few things that Everest is really interested in and keep him occupied for 20-30 minute stretches at a time — all without a screen!

Lovevery Playkits and Block set

We love these toys because they are open-ended and grow with your child. What is especially fun about the block set is that Opal will be able to play with them when she’s a little older too, but even toddlers can use them!

We also got Everest the Storyteller playkit and we’re super excited to encourage him to try out some imaginative play with it.


Recently, Everest has become obsessed with Play-Doh, and we’re all about it. It’s such an easy, creative, tactile toy for him to play with. He especially loves using tools to manipulate the toys — cutting, rolling, and shaping the Play-Doh can keep him busy and entertained for close to an hour at times! Does he want us to help him roll all the Play-Doh into little “boulders”? Sure! But we’ll take it!

Coloring book + crayons

We’re going old school with this recommendation, but it’s been thrilling to see Everest enjoying coloring books and crayons recently! He hasn’t really been into them, but a few friends gave us art supplies for him after Opal was born. We were pleasantly surprised to find that he loves using them! While the paint can get messy and does require supervision, it’s a fun treat, while the crayons and colored pencils are great to use at at any time. We’ve even found that our newly picky eater will chomp down on dinner if we let him color at the table! Win win. His favorite character/show is Blippi, so this coloring book is much-loved in our home.

At your newborn session

Depending on your toddler’s personality, we recommend going ahead and having them set up with an activity when we arrive. Once they have warmed up, we can take some family photos of all of you together, and then we can ease them back into another activity while we get photos of your new baby by themselves or with parents!

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