The Perfect Time to Schedule Your Maternity Session

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The Perfect Time to Schedule Your Maternity Session

We get asked a lot: when do you recommend we schedule a maternity session? Read on to find out!

I remember the excitement of pregnancy like it was yesterday. You’re reminded with every kick and craving and nausea-inducing smell that you’re growing a precious little one!

Luckily, because we have photographed so many maternity sessions, we knew when to plan our own. But if you haven’t been pregnant before (or even if you have!), how quickly your body changes can definitely take you by surprise.

One minute, you just look like you had a really large dinner, and the next, your belly looks like an alien is taking a roller coaster ride in there! It’s pretty surreal and can be hard to plan for, especially far in advance, which is when you will want to schedule a session with a photographer.

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Our best tip? Plan for your session around 30 weeks. In our experience, this is a great time for a session for a few reasons:

  • At this point, you’re “pretty pregnant.” As in, there’s no confusing it. You’re bumping. There’s a bun in the oven. However you want to say it, by 30 weeks, you’re showing and that makes for a great maternity session!
  • You’re (fingers crossed) past the stage where you’re nauseous and everything hurts. At 30 weeks, you’re at the very beginning of the third trimester, so you probably still have some good energy…
  • …but you’re not suuuuper uncomfortable yet. I photographed a wedding around 35 weeks and endured the hottest summer days at the end of my pregnancy when my feet swelled to the point where I could only wear sandals or flip flops, so I get it. You don’t want that level of discomfort in your photos. At 30 weeks, you haven’t hit that stage yet!

Can’t make 30 weeks work and need to schedule a session before or after that? That’s totally okay! Remember that your maternity session isn’t about the perfect timing for bump photos.

Yes, we’re serious.

This is a time to celebrate the anticipation of what comes next, to soak in the in-between and look forward while trying to remain in the moment. Your love for your little one is perfect, regardless of what you look like, and it’s all about showing that off at your session!

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Any questions? Feel free to send us an email at! We look forward to seeing you for your maternity session!

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