Sunflower Field Session Under the Summer Sun | Raleigh, NC | The Thomas Family

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Sunflower Field Session Under the Summer Sun | Raleigh, NC | The Thomas Family

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July 17, 2019

Last year at this time, Everest was just a few days old and all of a sudden, our Instagram was flooded with images of everyone and their mama in a field of sunflowers.

For some reason, we had never noticed this phenomenon before. While we wanted to partake, we couldn’t just take our newborn baby into the hot July sun.

But one year later, we texted our favorite birth photographer and close friend, Lauren, to see if she wanted to head to the sunflower field and grab some photos! We were able to schedule time on the morning of Everest’s actual birthday to meet with the Thomas family in Raleigh. It. Was. Hot. We’re so glad we shot film for these photos because it handled the light like a champ! The sunflowers were just starting to bloom and we love how these turned out. What do you think? Is a sunflower session on your bucket list?

parents holding kids in a sunflower field
parents with kids in a sunflower field
double exposure on film of dad with son and sunflowers
family in sunflower field in raleigh
family in sunflower field in raleigh
double exposure of mom with baby in sunflower field
double exposure of parents with sons in sunflower field
family walking together in a sunflower field

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double exposure of family with kids in sunflower field



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