Three Tips for Staying Present With Your Family: Free Video Training!

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Three Tips for Staying Present With Your Family: Free Video Training!

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May 29, 2020

You know what’s hard? When you’re supposed to be enjoying a fun activity with your family but you know the photos of that activity are going to be AMAZING so then you just spend all of your time taking photos and not actually staying present with your family. Can anyone relate?!

I created this free video training for you! I included three tips that I started using after becoming a mama that help me with staying present with my family while still documenting the fun activities we do together. You can watch below!

Tip 1: Be Less Snappy with Posting Snaps

With technology like Instagram stories and the ease of posting to your Facebook timeline with just a few clicks, it can be tempting to post your photos as you take them, sharing them with all of your family and friends. But as you add filters and captions, making your post as funny and perfect as possible, precious minutes of attention are being taken away from what is more important to you — your family! Instead of posting as you take photos, save that for a later time after the kids are in bed or occupied with something at home. Plus, that gives YOU time to edit your photos to make them look even better!

Pro tip: One easy way to ensure you follow this tip is by photographing on your DSLR! Not only will your photos be of higher quality, but it’s really hard to post photos taken on a DSLR in the moment so you won’t be tempted to do so!

toddler picking strawberries

Tip 2: Plan Things Out

Before you head out on your family adventure, think about what photos you definitely want to capture. Having a short “shot list” in mind will allow you to take those photos and then put your phone or camera away to be present in the moment. It can be enticing to take images of moments as they unfold and you should definitely allow yourself the flexibility to do that from time to time. But resist the urge to document every single minute — grab the important shots, and then focus on staying present with your family.

handful of strawberries

Tip 3: Hand over that camera

The last tip I have for you is to let someone else do the documenting every now and then. Give them a goal for what you want captured (I want one great photo of the whole family and 5-6 more photos showing our experience) and then let your expectations and perfection go. If you have an older kiddo, this could be a great role for them and they’ll appreciate having the responsibility and the camera! You could also ask your partner or a grandparent to take over the role of documentarian for a day!



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