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Wedding Wednesday: Should you have an unplugged ceremony?

To iPhone or not to iPhone? That’s the question!

A recent trend we have noticed in the wedding industry is having an unplugged ceremony: a ceremony where guests are directly asked NOT to have their cell phones out so that they can stay present and engaged in the ceremony without the distraction of electronics. The reasoning for this is fairly simple, of course. Instead of guests having their eyes on their phones, they stay present and see the ceremony with their own eyes, and can use their phones afterwards during the reception to take pictures of themselves, other guests, or the bride and groom.
 Unplugged ceremony
The idea here is that if you hire a photographer that you trust enough, they are going to deliver much higher quality photos of your ceremony than you can get with your phone anyway. But in a world of instant gratification and fancy tech in your back pocket, it can be hard to hear that you are being asked to put your phone away and actually witness something without it. So should you ask your guests for an unplugged ceremony?
 Unplugged ceremony
There are different viewpoints on this, and to be honest, as photographers, we do value unplugged ceremonies. There is nothing like seeing all of the guests at a wedding being fully present and watching a couple wed, remaining fully present with them the whole time. Not as much fun? When a guest steps out into the aisle, sometimes blocking our view or inadvertently forcing us to include a screen, during an important moment like the exchange of rings or the first kiss.
That being said, we didn’t have an unplugged ceremony. We’re not sure it was a huge trend to begin with a few years ago when we got married, and we also didn’t want to place restrictions on our guests. So while we certainly would appreciate if more couples chose to have an unplugged ceremony now, we’re not sure we would have done anything differently if we could go back to our own wedding day.
 Unplugged ceremony
We feel like it’s important that you make a choice that works best for you. That’s why we created this fun quiz that you can take! Hopefully, it will help you decide whether an unplugged ceremony is the right choice for you…or not! Still have questions? You can always feel free to shoot us an email at!




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