Rooftop Wedding at The Durham Hotel in Downtown Durham, NC


Rooftop wedding at The Durham Hotel | Downtown Durham, NC | Monique & Sheliah

What could be more beautiful than a rooftop wedding at The Durham Hotel in June? The sun was shining, the day was warm, and as Monique and Sheliah walked down the aisle surrounded by their loved ones, they knew they had made the right choice.

Brides in the lobby of the Durham Hotel
The Durham Hotel wedding ceremony
Bridal portrait getting ready at the Durham Hotel
Brides first kiss in elevator at The Durham Hotel
bride in penthouse suite at the Durham Hotel
Wedding Wire review for Radian Photography
First kiss on the rooftop at the Durham Hotel
recessional on the rooftop at The Durham
brides walking past The Durham Hotel
bridal portraits in downtown Durham, NC
brides dancing together in downtown durham

We wanted to let Monique and Sheliah share their own reflections on their wedding day: read more below!

Why did you choose your wedding venue?  What was special about it, to you?

We chose a rooftop wedding at The Durham Hotel because we wanted to be sure to use a venue that was LGBTQ affirming. In doing our research, we stumbled upon an article of a beautiful same-sex wedding at the Durham Hotel! This is also how we found our first vendor, Radian Photography! The venue was special because it was especially suited for a microwedding. Also, it allowed us to have our ceremony and reception in the same location. And finally, Durham Hotel allowed us to have a fun rooftop wedding in downtown Durham, a place that is special to both of us!

How did you feel on your wedding day?

Early on in the wedding planning process, we both agreed that the planning and hosting of our wedding would be fun and stress-free. We feel fortunate to say that our wedding came together perfectly for us. We both felt absolutely amazing, and could not have asked for a better wedding. We felt full of love and joy from family, friends, and each other.

How would you describe the “vibe” or feeling you were going for in planning your wedding ceremony and reception?

Intimate (a small gathering of our closest family and friends.) Hospitable (allowing our guests to fully enjoy themselves (e.g., have fun and enjoy good food and drinks) before and after the ceremony.) Loving (we wanted the love we share to be felt and reciprocated by all who attended

Was there a certain moment during the ceremony that you always want to remember? 

From the actual ceremony, we want to remember our vows and commitments that we made to one another. We wrote our own vows, and what we committed to we want to honor in the good and bad times. We also want to remember the awe and excitement of our first look. It was a moment like none other, as we were both overwhelmed by each other’s radiance and beauty.

What was your favorite moment during your wedding day?

Our favorite part of the wedding day was standing across from each other, looking at each other, and going through the rituals of declaring our lifelong love and commitment to one another.

What was the best surprise about your wedding?  Something you didn’t expect? 

During the reception, Monique’s mom surprised her with a special “first dance” during the ceremony. Monique’s father passed away in 2014. Her mom had a special t-shirt made with her father’s photo. Monique’s uncle, wearing the t-shirt with Monique’s father’s photo, then came to dance with Monique in a very emotional first dance (accompanied by “Dance With My Father” by Luther Vandross.) There was not a dry eye on the rooftop after this emotional surprise!

What have your guests told you they loved about your wedding day?

Our favorite compliment was that our rooftop wedding at The Durham Hotel was “sexy.” Everyone said they really enjoyed the food and drinks. Several guests complimented us as a couple, noting that they felt we were perfect for one another!

Thank you to the following vendors for all of your hard work on the day:

Venue: The Durham Hotel

Dresses: David’s Bridal and Net-A-Porter

Officiant: April Johnson

Wedding Planner: Grace Royster

Make-up: Angela Sladeczek

Hair: Nicole Mattocks of Amaka’s International Hair

DJ: DJ Ern

Cupcakes: Favor Desserts

Photobooths: Photobooth Therapy & 360 Photo Booths



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