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Raleigh Newborn Photographer | Baby Micah

The perfect time to schedule a newborn session? As a Raleigh newborn photographer, I recommend around 2-3 weeks after your baby is born!

I got to meet baby Micah even earlier though! When I captured these images, he was just a tiny thing, a week old! I loved getting to see Hannah after Micah arrived — you might recognize her from her maternity session last month!

raleigh newborn photographer

So why do I recommend scheduling your newborn session around 2 weeks? Here are a few reasons:

  1. They’re still itty bitty! Usually around two weeks, babies have lost some weight and are back to close to what their birth weight was, so they still look brand new! Most of our clients remark about how much their baby has grown when they first see their newborn images — that’s because babies don’t keep! They grow up fast, so scheduling your session around two weeks makes sure you’re truly getting “newborn” photos!
  2. The other two reasons I have to share are slightly more superficial, but I know they mattered to me as a mama and they are questions I get often from other mamas, so wanted to share those as well! The first is that at around 2-3 weeks, your baby’s skin will be close to done peeling and their baby acne will have come and gone. Both skin peeling and acne are SUPER common and generally are not things you need to worry about (though you should talk to your pediatrician to make sure)! When Everest’s skin started peeling, we rubbed coconut oil on it to help, and that’s certainly an option before your newborn session! As far as acne goes, we’ll handle the larger splotches when editing your images!
  3. The third reason I like scheduling newborn sessions around 2-3 weeks, also superficial as I mentioned above, is that if your baby was born with hair, they usually won’t have started to lose it yet! We called Evs “George Costanza” for a while because he rocked an amazing receding hairline AND a bald spot in the back. Hormone changes in your baby’s body (…and yours) as well as laying them on their backs to sleep safely cause a lot of this hair loss, and I promise it will grow back (yours too)! But in the meantime, since I can’t edit hair ONTO your baby’s head, I like scheduling sessions soon after birth so that we can still capture that beautiful head of hair!
newborn baby with mama
Mama laying down with baby

Hannah, thank you so much for trusting me with these photos. Micah is an absolute angel and I so loved getting to meet him and photograph the two of you together. I’m glad your mom was able to join as well! Hope you love these images as much as I do!

raleigh newborn photographer baby toes
baby and mama cuddles
raleigh newborn photographer

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