Raleigh Engagement Photographer | NC Museum of Art | Alexia & Zach


Raleigh Engagement Photographer | NC Museum of Art | Alexia & Zach

Chosen because of how much they love spending time at the loop there, Alexia and Zach’s Raleigh engagement session was at the NCMA! Click below to see more of our favorite images from their session!

Raleigh engagement session

We had so much fun with these photos and really got a ton of artful, beautiful images unlike any we have made before! These two have such a cute love story! Here’s how Alexia tells it:

NC Museum of Art

Zach and I met at a Christmas party freshman year of college (2011)! We quickly became very good friends and ended up creating a bucket list together. It was a lengthy bucket list, it was multiple pages and we STILL have it (it’s currently bound by duck tape though – it’s traveled quite a lot the past 8 years!). We were frequently adding and checking things off of the list. In August 2012 I went over to Zach’s apartment where there was a rainbow unicorn pillow pet and a note attached. The note essentially said: “there’s a lot of things we’ve done together: *insert examples of bucket list items we had done*, but there’s one last thing I want to do with you. Will you be my girlfriend?” The note was absolutely adorable, I obviously said yes, and we decided to name the unicorn Applejack. After Zach pulled off a surprise engagement in Wilmington (he literally jumped out of a bush on the boardwalk and set up an after party with the rest of my family, his family, and my best friends!) I moved all of my stuff to his hotel room, and my heart melted when I found Applejack on the bed with a NEW note attached. It essentially read “8 years ago Applejack and I asked if you would be my girlfriend. Now we’d like to ask you: will you be my wife?” When Zach asked me out in 2012 I never would’ve thought he’d use that same technique to help ask me to be his wife 8 years later! Who knew I was marrying such a romantic?

Raleigh Wedding Photographer | Ring Shot
Raleigh Wedding Photographer | NC Museum of Art
Raleigh Engagement Session
engagement ring at session
NCMA engagement session
nc film photographer double exposure
raleigh engagement session

Alexia and Zach, thanks for spending the evening with us at the NC Museum of Art! What a perfect Raleigh engagement session!




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