Raleigh Brand Photographer | Minted Spaces Branding Session

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Raleigh Brand Photographer | Minted Spaces Branding Session

As a Raleigh brand photographer, how do you create photos that show off the calm your client brings THEIR clients? Click to see!

Aryn is a friend that we were excited to photograph as a client. She owns her own company, Minted Spaces, which you definitely want to bookmark if you’re planning on moving at any time soon! She helps you stage your home for a lightning-fast sell! We love her clean, calm style and the way she’s able to effortlessly transform a space into one that you can see yourself in.

Raleigh Realtor Brand Photography

But wait — that’s not all! Aryn is also a real estate agent at 501 Nest Realty here in the Triangle of NC. It’s so fun to follow along with her on Instagram to see her tips for caring for and selling your home.

(Fun fact: she has an MLS search set up for us with some VERY specific requirements for our dream home that we get about one hit a month for!)

The task at hand? Create some brand imagery for her that would work for both of these different ventures. Because they are so interconnected, this was an easy ask. Aryn “borrowed” a beautiful, new home that one of her clients have closed on and will move into soon for these photos and arrived with plenty of relevant props and styling items on hand. We wanted the images created to really reflect the strengths Aryn brings to the table. Here’s what her clients say about her:

Realtor Brand Imagery

Aryn is AMAZING! Her attention to detail and the care and love that she puts into every space that they design is incredible. They go above and beyond each and every time – not to mention that their staged homes sell in under a week!!!

-Tobi B.

Aryn is fabulous! She is so easy to work with and her work is amazing!! We have used her to stage several homes and will continue to call her for her expertise!!

-Melissa H.
Home Staging Brand Photography

Clearly, Aryn brings a high level of attention to detail to her roles and work and makes her clients’ lives so much easier. We wanted that sense of ease and success to be reflected in her photos, so our favorite photos were definitely the ones where she included her client (and her adorable baby)! Here are some of our other favorites from her brand photography series:

Raleigh Brand Photographer
Durham Realtor Brand Photography
Interior Decorator Brand Photography
Realtor Brand Photography

Aryn, thank you so much for trusting us with these images! As Raleigh brand photographers, we know how important it is to have high quality imagery for your business



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