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The Radian Story: Part 11 – Introducing #RadianBabee (Or That Time Radhika Lied a Lot)

Every couple and family that we work with has a story many, many stories. There are happy ones and sad ones, long ones and short ones, stories that make us double over in laughter, and stories that let us see depths of despair. We love learning the story of each of our couples and families — it’s one of our favorite parts about our work. But we are not storytellers. We are story-documenters.

When we realized this, we knew that we should document ours as well. The Radian Story is the story of us, Radhika and Ian. From the day we were born to where we stand now, this is our story from babies to bride & groom.

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Part 11: Introducing #RadianBabee (Or That Time Radhika Lied a Lot)

Truly, we can’t believe that we’re writing this post. When we wrote the Radian Story in 2017, we didn’t expect to add this post so soon — but we are! We are having a baby and we are so excited to be sharing this news with you!

radian story

Before we get into the story of how we found out and how Radhika told Ian, a few FAQs:

How long have you known?! When are you due? Are you quitting all of the other parts of your life in order to have a baby?

We’ve known about this pregnancy since early November, and baby’s expected birthday is July 15th! We’re about halfway through. And no, we are not quitting our jobs OR photography. While we’re sure having a baby will change our priorities and schedule, we don’t intend on fully giving up ANY of the parts of our life that make us who we are. We might outsource other things, though… 🙂

How was the first trimester? Was Radhika sick all the time? Is Ian sick (of rubbing Radhika’s feet)? 

Radhika: The first trimester was different than I expected! I thought pregnancy in the first trimester meant lots of nausea and vomiting and insane cravings and a stronger sense of smell. I never vomited and since taking vitamin B6 (around week 7), really wasn’t overly hungry or nauseous. However, what I didn’t foresee was the EXHAUSTION. As you know if you’ve read the Radian Story, I was once a first year teacher, so I thought I had exhaustion covered. But pregnancy exhaustion for me looked like sleeping 9+ hours every night and STILL not being able to get through the day without a [2-hour, drooly] nap. I’m really thankful that most of my first trimester happened during the holidays when rest was easy and am glad to have my energy back now that I’m in my second trimester! 

Ian: Nope. 

What are you craving?

Honestly, this changes daily…and sometimes minutely. We’re tracking cravings and the bump with a weekly letterboard photo, though! Some of the highlights have been cocoa puffs (I haven’t eaten cereal in ~5 years), soft boiled eggs, and a LOT of very plain carbs. But here’s the most recent photo. Sometimes it’s just not about the food!

Radian story

What’s with the whole bee thing? 

You can read all about it here!

Do you REALLY think Iris knows?

Iris has been laying her head on my belly a lot more in recent weeks, especially as I have started to feel the baby move a little bit more.

Is it a boy or girl?

We’re not finding out until the baby is born. But, if you want to take a guess, you can enter it here!

Okay, but what do you HOPE you’re having?

A healthy human. 🙂 

Can I rub your belly?

Not unless I can rub yours! (No.)

The Radian Story

From Radhika’s perspective

The test was positive. The first person that I told was Iris. Of course.

The second person I told was our friend, Lauren. I knew I wanted to capture the moment I told Ian about our baby and Lauren is a talented photographer! Plus, I knew that, like in all happy marriages, I’d have to tell a few lies and I needed some help. Luckily, all three of us were attending a gala the very next day and Lauren, beautiful friend that she is, agreed to be my partner in crime.

Lie #1: Since we were going to be dressed up, I told Ian that I had asked Lauren to take a few nice photos of us for our Christmas cards. (I had already ordered our Christmas cards).

Lie #2: I told Ian that Southern Weddings Magazine, who hosted the gala, was sponsoring a toy drive for kids and that Lauren had offered to wrap one of her son’s old toys and bring it for us. (There was no toy drive.)

Lie #3: When we arrived at The Carolina Inn for the event, Lauren took a few photos of us. Then, on cue, she said, “Hey! What if you pose for a few with the gift since you’re putting these on your Christmas card!” Following our script, I said, “Oh, good idea!” and Ian rolled his eyes.

Radian story

Ian had been expecting a new mirrorless camera for his birthday in preparation for our trip to Italy. As he opened the gift that Lauren expertly wrapped in an Amazon box, I said, “Your mom and I talked about your birthday, and…”

Ian did, in fact, unwrap a camera, but not the kind he had expected. Lauren had wrapped a toy wooden camera for us and, as he opened it, I said, “Actually, this is a BABY camera.”

Ian was still confused, so I added, “Because we’re having a BABY!”

Radian story

Cue these cute photos (which include an appleseed, the size of the baby at the time)!

PS — Don’t believe anything Ian says. He totally didn’t already know.

Radian story

From Ian’s perspective

I didn’t need a positive test. I already knew Radhika was pregnant.

I kept telling her I thought she was pregnant, but she told me to stop jinxing us. When she finally told me, I was excited but not surprised. She had already inadvertently told me earlier that week.

Radian story

When I got home from work, she was upstairs doing Radian Photography work. We said hello to each other but not much else, and she seemed in the zone so I let her work and went to clean the kitchen. I get home a little after 6:00 pm each evening and usually jump right into cooking dinner, but without Radhika asking about dinner, I decided to take my time and do some deeper cleaning of the fridge. I was in the middle of tossing an old stir fry when I heard her come down the stairs.

Radian story

“Hey, what’s for dinner?” she asked me.

“I haven’t started it yet, but it’ll be ready soon,” I told her. “I just need to make some rice.” She looked at me like I had told her she would never eat again.

“But I’m hungry now,” she said, a telltale falter in her voice. She looked up at me and burst into tears.

I remember that I just hugged her and thought to myself, “Oh yeah, she’s definitely pregnant.” I didn’t say anything to her; I didn’t want to jinx it. But I knew.

When Radhika finally told me she was pregnant, that moment was the second thought that popped into my head. The first was that I was just so thankful. I’m really excited to grow our family together.

Radian story

Thanks for joining us on this journey. We’re excited to welcome our little bumble baby in a few months and can’t wait to introduce him/her to you as well!

With love,

Radhika and Ian


*Photos of reveal by Lauren Jolly Photography; photos in snow by Cor Photography. Thanks, friends — we will be forever thankful for those gifts!


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