The New Radian Photography: a Peek into the Rebrand Process

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The New Radian Photography: a Peek into the Rebrand Process

As we near the end of 2021 and reflect, we’re in awe. We treasure our clients and all of the memories we’ve gotten to capture that have led us here!

2021 has been a big year for us. We’ve welcomed baby Opal, captured so many beautiful weddings, and documented life’s special moments through memorable photo sessions. Now we have another milestone to share with you! 

We are in love with what we do, and that’s not changing. The way golden hour provides a warm light that filters through the trees and into your photos, the way we weave in family heirlooms to tell a special story, the relaxed, at home engagement, brand, and family sessions, the blur of a first dance and the energy of a celebration.

These are the special moments that we crave and love capturing in our photos.

From the first time we picked up our cameras professionally, we’ve focused on celebrating and preserving love stories. Meanwhile, Radian (and our artistic approach) has grown into so much more. We officially started Radian Photography in 2014, and in 2020, we launched Radian Brands to provide editorial-level brand photography.

In the last seven years, we’ve refined and shifted our approach away from photo-journalism meets fine art to something authentic to who we are at our core: artists. Our work is art, and we approach it as such. It’s less about capturing the perfect photo, and more about freezing a moment in time, complete with its imperfections, and layering it with light, emotion, and detail. 

There’s a unique element of surprise to our work when we have an idea for a type of photo but are never quite sure how it will turn out. We give ourselves space to play and experience the art, and we find that it’s what makes our work so different. 

With the evolution of Radian, we felt that a rebrand was needed to better represent who we have grown to be. We kept the Radian client at the forefront of our process to design something that would convey the artistry, high quality, and detail of our work and the way in which we present a unique perception of reality through our art.

We worked with Kathryn and her team at Cremé Brands, who created our brand in 2017, on this process. They helped us dig into our brands values and what we were communicating visually through our presence. They distilled our thoughts into a beautiful, timeless brand that we are excited to have represent our work!

We broke it down to focus on three main concepts:

Concept 1. Film as a Portal

Our work transports you to another place. From the layering and double exposure to the overall detail, the art that we create gives you a glimpse into the moment in a different way. It’s a portal.

This style is so important to us because it transports our clients and encourages them to see things in a new, artistic way. Our logo needed to represent that.

Remembering our position as a heritage brand but thinking about how we’ve evolved, we kept that as a cornerstone as we tested out many sketches and mockup ideas. We ultimately landed on a new R configuration that features 3 Rs, each of which build upon one another in a water-like ripple effect. We are heavily inspired by the way in which light and layers interact in water, and this was translated directly into the logo. 

Though water is always changing, rippling, and moving, much like how our photos conceptually preserve memories, its essence remains regardless of how it moves. We feel that this detail is representative of our work and what we aim to accomplish.

Concept 2. Global Intrigue

Though we began photographing engagements in 2011, it was our 2014 honeymoon in India that really sparked our love for the art. The colors, architecture, and overall beauty that we experienced on that trip left us craving our cameras, wanting to capture every moment. Global intrigue remains one of our largest sources of inspiration 7 years later. 

Two of our favorite buildings in India are Amber Fort and Jaiper City Palace. If you’ve seen these buildings in person or look them up online, you will notice their unique archways, their distinctive round domes, and the intricate and incredibly detailed wall designs. 

This was the second source of inspiration for our rebrand. The way that the Rs build upon one another is the same way in which the arches of these historic buildings are designed, pulling the eye in and physically transporting you into that portal.

This inspiration plays homage to the eclectic, ethereal nature of our work and the way that it pulls our clients in, allowing them to experience a sense of ecstasy as they’re transported to a new place through our work.

The R logo was paired with Radian spelled out for a more comprehensive logo configuration. The crossbars were removed from the A letters to touch on the aspirational aspect of the brand and to position us in the exclusive, luxury Radian way.

Concept 3. Layers of light and emotion

One can’t help but notice the layers in our work and the way in which we use light to capture scenes. We were able to translate this into our rebrand through the careful layering of specific fonts and colors and the details included in our website redesign. 

We landed on a robust type hierarchy that works well across all facets of the brand. The different fonts feature stylish flourishes that give the branding a unique edge. The diamond dot on the i, the shape of the letter tails, and the hand drawn text not only fit into using architecture as a source of inspiration, but also capture the organic and loose style of our work. These choices are intentional and tell a story. 

Next came our colors. With a goal of remaining recognizable, we didn’t want to drift too far from our previous palette. We decided on a group of colors that were seen throughout much of our inspiration. The deep greens and the earthy tan shades play into the global, natural intrigue that inspires us so much.

We started with a broad palette pulled directly from the moodboard and our work:

We later refined it to be more concise and representative of our brand: 

Finally, our new website redesign placed a focus incorporating the new branding as well as unique detail. We applied all of the new typefaces and colors and then layered on lots of Radian-esque accents. These include hand drawn elements like circles, arrows, and lines that layer in elements of organic, natural detail, as well as text overlays layered on images to provide descriptive detail and enhance the overall design.

Before we are photographers or service providers, we are artists. The layout of our new website as a whole was designed to feel much like an artist’s sketchbook. It takes the user on a journey and tells a story as they scroll through the page. It makes people feel like they’re interacting with our work in a personal way.

The premium and classic feel of the typography paired with the natural, organic feel of the hand drawn elements and colors creates a perfect balance.

It is, at its core, Radian.




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