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Product Photography Spotlight: The Magick Makers

Are you a business that’s in need of consistent, high-quality product photography? Today, we’re spotlighting one of our clients, Erin of The Magick Makers. She owns a witchy apothecary and we love creating images of her products for her! Let’s dive into how it works.

the magick makers

Here’s the thing: you only have so much time to grab and keep the attention of your customers and clients, and most likely, iPhone photos aren’t going to cut it. If you want to establish yourself in the minds of others as an expert in your field with superior service and products, speed is your friend when it comes to communication and beautiful product photography can help.

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Erin knew that she would need updated photos of the new products that she plans on launching monthly, which is why our subscription works so well for her. We have different tiers based on how many products want photographed each month, starting at 5 products.

minimal product photography
styled product photography

A few details for product photography:

  • Subscriptions start at $300/month, but you save more when you sign up for a recurring monthly subscription. This is great whether you know you have a one-off need for some product images or whether you know you’ll be releasing new products each month, like Erin, that you need great images of.
  • To get started, all you need to do is contact us! We’ll start out with a conversation to understand your brand and needs for product photography. From there, we’ll set a time when you can get products to us and as soon as they’re photographed, we’ll return them to you!
  • Images can be custom styled to meet your needs! Erin really honed in on the styling details that would set her business apart and brought them to us when she dropped off her products, allowing us to create some tailored images for The Magick Makers!
durham product photography

We would love to work with you for your product photography! Simply send us a message and we will follow up to learn more about your needs and get to creating images that are perfect for you and your brand! Huge shout out to Erin for trusting us with the photos for The Magick Makers — you are the best and we so appreciate you and your energy!

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