Personal Branding Photos | Plant Centered Prep | Durham, NC

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Personal Branding Photos | Plant Centered Prep | Durham, NC

Ashley from Plant Centered Prep invested in personal branding photos for our rebrand! We share ways to make this a successful experience for yourself if you’re considering brand photos in the future!

Health and Nutrition Coach
Woman jumping in fuzzy jacket in the street
Health Coach Making Espresso
Woman with her dog
Health and Nutrition Coach in Kitchen
Health and Nutrition Coach

Ashley has been a coach at Plant Centered Nutrition for a while, but is growing her small business and taking it in a new direction with a rebrand, the perfect time to invest in some brand photos! We wanted these to be a mix of great new headshots and content for her blog, website, and social media. Ashley is incredibly positive and I felt like the time we spent together FLEW by!

Personal branding session black and white photo
Husband and wife cooking in kitchen
Nutrition coach eating donut at crossfit gym
Woman chalking hands in Crossfit gym

But maybe that’s because Ashley did a lot of things that made her shoot so successful. When you first book a session with us, we’ll discuss how much time is required to really make our time together effective. For Ashley, who’s preparing for a full rebrand, this meant a three hour session. We got to do SO much throughout this session, and it’s really because of how well Ashley prepared:

  • She had a full shot list planned out with ideas that she thought would work, but also stayed really flexible: she loved it when I suggested ideas and would nix things in the moment when we realized that we had already had lots of content on a certain theme in order to maximize our time. For example, I saw some really fun leaf shadows on her backyard fence, so asked if we could duck out quickly to grab a few shots outside. She readily agreed and you can see one of my favorites in black and white above!
  • In three hours, we can go through multiple outfit changes. Ashley stuck to a dusty pink and sage color palette, but had all potential outfits lined up on a clothing rack in her living room with accessories and shoes picked out as well! That made outfit changes quick and easy and allowed for tons of variety: she even added a few jackets and cardigans here and there!
  • People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it. Haven’t we heard this from Simon Sinek a million times by now? One of the things that I think made Ashley’s session so great was that she was willing to incorporate pieces of her lifestyle into her session to allow her clients an inside view into who she is — this meant including her cutie pup, dog, and even her favorite slippers that she wears around the house! I also loved getting to see her in her gym and walk around downtown Durham where she loves normally spending time.

Ashley, thanks so much for trusting me with your brand photos! I hope you love them as much as I do and can’t wait to see what comes next with Plant Centered Nutrition!




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