Our Trip to Santa Barbara, CA for Photo Native | Radian Adventures

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Our Trip to Santa Barbara, CA for Photo Native | Radian Adventures

Where can you shoot alongside some of your favorite photographers in beautiful, sunny weather, then hear them talk about their businesses in the classroom? Photo Native. This conference made our trip to Santa Barbara so incredible, and unlike anything we’ve experienced before.

We left inspired, excited, and with a portfolio full of fun images that we created while there. You can see work from Radhika’s shoots kintsugi editorial with Karthika Gupta and commercial shoot with Heather Nan or Ian’s underwater shoot with Noel Besuzzi and colorful, 70s beach shoot with Wendy Laurel.

We didn’t just go to shoot though! Originally, we thought that we were going to take Everest along with us for this trip. It’s a huge priority for our family to travel and to make sure Everest is included. However, after traveling to New York City in December, we realized that it’s not fair to Everest to take him on long plane rides right now! Even though he’s under 2 years of age (and therefore free!), he’s a toddler and wants to wiggle and move and doesn’t want to sit on a lap for one hour, much less five. It’s also really hard for him to sleep on a plane because he prefers laying flat in his crib.

So for this trip, we decided we’d let him stay with our parents, who love him just as much as we do. They kept us alive, so we figured we’d be safe. 😉 While being without him for almost a week was certainly difficult, we found so much freedom in not having to pack tons of diapers and extra clothes and worrying about food.

Because we had never been to the west coast together, we decided that we’d go before the conference and spend a few days checking out the amazing sequoias not too far from SB…

Trip lowlights:

  • You cannot see the sequoias in the winter. We are not the only ones who didn’t know this. We encountered several Californian families on our trip that had also journeyed to the Sequoia National Forest to see these green giants. We learned from our innkeeper that it’s even common for international travelers to make this mistake — we’re pretty sure we weren’t as disappointed as them!

Trip highlights:

  • We still got to see and experience a lot of the majesty of California, including all the amazing golden light! We are officially jealous of Californian photographers and already want to go back to soak up so more of it.
  • Photo Native was such an awesome experience — getting to see our favorite mentors, Wendy Laurel and Yan Palmer, was amazing! We also got to hear from so many other talented and iconic photographers that we love.
  • The food was amazing — so much yummy seafood. We stayed at the same hotel where the conference took place, The Goodland. If you’re taking a trip to Santa Barbara and can swing it, we definitely recommend it! It was just minutes from the beach and has an amazing restaurant and bar where we ate a lot of our meals.
  • We took so many amazing photos with experimental techniques and we think they would look incredible in a home with beachy style! Or, if you just want a reminder of your favorite times in the west, we’ve got you covered. You can check out some of our favorite images from the trip below, and then HEAD HERE to purchase your favorites from our fine art print shop!
bradbury building los angeles california
This historic building, the Bradbury, is in LA!
palm trees california
street outside of bradbury building
california wildlife
the goodland santa barbara california
exploring outdoors in california
We did some exploring instead of seeing sequoias and it was still pretty beautiful!
palm tree with la skyline
palm trees california
double exposure sea to mountains
We love how the sea AND mountains ended up in this one! Do you see it?
man in california
double exposure los angeles california
This is the the LA skyline!
palm trees double exposure palm trees california
palm trees california
Ian light leaked this image on film, which created this groovy photo!
palm trees california
print on palm trees
woman blowing bubbles
palm trees california
double exposure palm tree
black and white palm tree
light leak on palm trees
vintage car double exposed with flowers

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