North Carolina Family Photographer | Durham, NC | Welcome, Baby Cope!


North Carolina Family Photographer | Durham, NC | Welcome, Baby Cope!

As a family photographer in Durham, NC, very few things make me as happy as seeing a new little one welcomed at home, especially when a sweet older brother is doing the welcoming!

newborn photo session
family of four
playing with newborn baby
big brother giving baby a kiss
Baby brothers in bed
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The thing that no one tells you about a newborn: they do what THEY want and there is no controlling it. They may have acne and flaky skin and bald spots. They may be hungry or sleepy or cranky during the entirety of your session. Throw in an older sib into the mix (who, let’s face it, is still a baby too!), and all bets are off.

Guess what? All of that is FINE!

I will accept no apologies for the crazy beautiful chaos in your life because a) we all experience it and b) I didn’t sign up to photograph picture perfect families and c) we’re going to make some magic ANYWAY.

During his session, Cope was hungry and wanted to nurse every so often, so we took lots of breaks and let big brother Caylin have some play time! He even helped me get a really cute picture of his mom and dad with new baby brother! As a family photographer, what could make my job better?

I love how these lifestyle images turned out: Portra 800 created some rich colors out of the snuggles that were had, and so beautifully rendered Alyssa and Joe’s historic cottage and all the love that is present there.

Alyssa and Joe, thanks for welcoming me into your home to capture these! I hope you love them as much as I do!




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