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New website domain!

And we’re live! After a few years of living with because someone else owned, we were finally able to buy it! We’re pretty excited. 🙂

In other news, a few weeks ago we got some feedback from another local photographer whose work we greatly admire. She told us that while our work was good, she couldn’t really get a feel for who we are from our social media. While we fully realize that social media isn’t everything, this was hard to stomach. We have worked so hard over the past few years trying to create great content that we forgot that so often, people want to work with US, not our portfolio.

Therefore, we are officially instating #McDiarmidMondays, where we’ll be sharing a little more about ourselves! This picture on our about page was taken in 2013 after our wedding. We didn’t do an official engagement shoot with our photographers (????) because our friend, Alex, took our engagement photos for us and we edited them. But we did do an after-wedding shoot at the American Tobacco Campus with VanderVeen Photographers. It was a hot summer day, but we got to walk around ATC and the farmer’s market, and then had a fun little breakfast at the old @daisycakes with our friends! If you want to learn more about us, hover over the photo circles on our about page! Head over to our website to check it out!




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