Meaningful COVID Wedding with Family | Durham, NC | Sara & Harry


Meaningful COVID Wedding with Family | Durham, NC | Sara & Harry

Leading up to this wedding day, it rained and rained in NC. We were fully prepared to bring umbrellas to celebrate with Sara and Harry, but luckily their COVID wedding didn’t require them!

Their wedding ceremony was held at Sara’s parents’ home. When we arrived, we were blown away by the intimate garden feel in the backyard, and were even more surprised to learn that Sara’s dad began the landscaping at the beginning of the lockdown when they decided they would have their wedding at the home! It definitely inspired us to do more with our own backyard!

Sara and Harry purposely kept their day low-key and stress-free, and we are so appreciating couples who are foregoing the over-the-top wedding glitz and glam for more pared back, intentional days. Even so, the florals, dinner settings, and all of the most important parts of a great celebration were present, and we’re so happy we were able to capture it.

Sara and Harry, thank you so much for inviting us into your beautiful day! It was a pleasure to work with your family and friends and we wish you a marriage that is just as full of beauty and meaning as your wedding day!

bride's dress hanging with hydrangeas
Bridal Portrait Back of Dress
Bride and Groom getting ready for wedding day
Bride's mom zipping up dress
bride and groom walking together
bride getting ready for wedding day
Yellow bridal bouquet
COVID wedding
Backyard summer wedding
Bride and groom exchange vows
Bride and groom recessional
Intimate reception gathering
Trophy Wife and Trophy Husband beer
Bride and Groom Double Exposure on Film with Flowers
Couple's Portrait on Film
Bride and groom slow exposure spin

As always, we love telling the stories of our couples’ weddings through photography, but they do the best job of telling of the most meaningful parts. Here’s what Sara and Harry had to say about their day:

Why did you choose your wedding venue?  What was special about it to you?

Although we ended up choosing my parent’s backyard in the end because of COVID, it was actually the first place I thought of in my mind after we first got engaged. My mom ended up shooting it down as at that time we were planning to invite ALL the family (so 80 or so people) but in my mind I can’t imagine a more meaningful day than getting ready in the house I grew up in and joining my life with someone else from the backyard I knew all those years. The smells, the space, the architecture, the people, in and around that house are all so familiar to me and as homebodies at heart I think we wanted to put our love on display in a venue that felt like home.

How did you feel on your wedding day?

At first, stressed! We had kind of a crazy night with our room at the hotel and then a crazy morning switching rooms and dealing with other logistics. However, once we were all spiffed up and ready to go, we each took a moment to sit by ourselves and take it all in. Reflecting back, it was at that point that we began to feel some peace and a deeper excitement for the day ahead. Once everyone arrived and pictures began, we felt like we were floating through the day. We tried our hardest to go slow as in the end such a big day is just a moment in time but it seemed to zoom past us regardless! The day will forever hold a special place in both our families’ hearts.

What have your guests told you they loved about your wedding day?

Funny enough, guests watching from afar via the livestream we recorded reported back to us that they were actually a bit jealous of the simplicity of it all! It’s so hard to cut out loved ones but doing so allowed us to treasure our immediate families and enjoy the day without being too overwhelmed or having too strict of a schedule. I think folks noticed that we were a bit more at ease than the average wedding day and appreciated that. Also, my dad planted something like 80 new plants over the course of the year in the backyard! Those who attended fell in love with all of the greenery and floral variety, we all felt like we were in a real wedding venue back there, if not a full blown jungle.

Thank you to the following vendors for making this day so beautiful:

Dress: BHLDN
Suit: Suit Supply
Florist: Watered Garden Florist
Hair: Wedding Hair by Liz
Makeup: On Loktion Makeup
Cake: Once in a Blue Moon Bakery
Catering: Ems Catering



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