Maternity Session at Home | Durham, NC | Hannah & Baby Champ


Maternity Session at Home | Durham, NC | Hannah & Baby Champ

We love an intimate maternity session at home. So often, we get asked, “Do I REALLY need maternity photos?”

Our answer: yes, yes you do.

Okay so no, they’re not mandatory. Nothing will happen if you don’t have maternity photos done.

black and white maternity photo
maternity session on couch

But, there are three main reasons why I’m so glad that we had maternity photos taken and why I think you should too.

  1. Your body looks EXACTLY as it’s supposed to — pregnancy was the one time in my life when I was completely fine with my body because it looked exactly as I thought it should. I realize that this is not the most body-positive reason out there, but truly, even with the discomfort, I actually LIKED my body while I was pregnant. Why not celebrate that?
  2. My body grew LIFE! Like, that’s crazy. The end.
  3. Looking back at the photos now, I get this warm, fuzzy, “Aww, that’s Evs and me!!!” feeling. If you know, you know. It’s just amazing to see photos of you with your baby with you in that way. He’s SO big now and my maternity photos remind me where it all started.
neutral in home maternity session
pregnant mom on bed
double exposure maternity session

All that to say, I loved photographing Hannah while pregnant, as I do all new mamas to be. We met in her home and spent time in her living room and bedroom creating these lovely portraitst.

This is such a special time. Even though it’s uncomfortable and you’re exhausted, you and your baby will never be closer. I’m excited to meet Champ soon and take newborn photos when he arrives in a few months! Hannah, thanks for allowing me to do this maternity session at home with you. I hope you love the photos as much as I do and can’t wait until you and Champ get to look through them together one day!

maternity session in home



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