Maternity Photoshoot In-Home with Kids | Winston-Salem, NC

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Maternity Photoshoot In-Home with Kids | The Thomas Family | Winston-Salem, NC


July 6, 2020

Our sweet friends, Lauren and Vaughan are expecting their third baby! We did an in-home maternity photoshoot recently. We love how these intimate images turned out, and asked Lauren to share about her experience being pregnant. Lauren and Vaughan, thanks for allowing me to capture these images of this special time in your lives!

maternity session on bed
maternity session double exposure

“This third pregnancy has felt so different from the other two, often harder and much more exhausting. But I’ve also been able to enjoy this pregnancy more because the third time around, it all just seems so familiar. I’m not worried about what changes will come (like the first time around), I’m not worried about whether or not I’ll be able to love another baby (like the second time), I’m just excited to meet this precious baby. I’m embracing the changes in my body more than ever, preparing for the sweet postpartum time with my newborn, and refusing to take the sweet kicks for granted.

maternity session with kids
maternity session in home
intimate maternity photos

During my first two pregnancies, we did more “typical” maternity sessions – dressed up, went to a park, the whole nine. This time, we’ve been home for months because of Covid, and as much as I miss lots of the things from our “pre-covid” life, I’m also enjoying hunkering down at home and lot of family time. That, plus the fact that I don’t know if this will be our last baby or my last pregnancy, made me want to document it in a more “bare bones” way. It just felt right to honor the body that created these three little humans.

pregnant woman looking out of window
pregnant woman in home
in home maternity photoshoot

I know that with each new addition, my relationship with my kids will change and grow. It’s hard to know exactly what changes will come, but I know that I’ll be so proud of how they handle the transition and love on their new baby. With every new milestone, I’m just so proud of my boys. Even if they come with some big feelings and struggles, we’ll all get to know this little life and eventually won’t be able to imagine life without him/her.

maternity photoshoot in home
maternity session with kids
maternity photoshoot with kids

I’m most looking forward to the newborn bliss stage and seeing my boys as big brothers to this little one. I’ve intentionally prepared more for the “fourth trimester” this time around and I’m excited to lean into that and not stress about the things that aren’t getting done during that time. I know it will be a sweet time together as a family. I’m honestly starting to get a bit nervous about labor and about how I’ll handle taking care of three kids once Vaughan goes back to work. But I know it will all fall into place so I try not to overthink it.

in home maternity session
maternity session with kids

Having babies definitely brings new challenges into a marriage, but I’m honestly really proud of how Vaughan and I have worked through most of them. We’re certainly nowhere near perfect, but we’re learning to prioritize communication and one on one time together. Sometimes that looks like holding hands while watching Netflix on the couch after a long day, sometimes it looks like planning a vacation without the kiddos, but it always looks like choosing to talk things out, listening to each other’s needs, and nurturing our relationship.”

in home maternity session
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