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Is Your Makeup Artist COVID-Prepared?


June 23, 2020

While we can stay 6+ feet away from you with our lenses to keep everyone safe during the COVID pandemic, it made us wonder — what if we had to be really close to you in order to work? Specifically, what about hair and makeup artists who have to right in front of you? We asked our friend, Michelle, at Karen Michelle Clark what she has done to prepare. She has some great tips to keep you safe that we’re excited to share with you!

This is a tough topic but let’s be real, what’s not a tough topic these days?! Unfortunately no one has the answers and things surrounding COVID seem to be changing daily. Plus, each state, county, and city have different regulations. To be honest, it’s pretty hard to keep up! I can only speak for myself and what I am doing in my business moving forward and there is no one way to do anything these days – I feel like I learn a new trick daily! 

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I wish that there was a rule book to follow but a lot of what I am doing is what I have come up with after speaking to my peers, reading what other respected beauty professionals are doing, and relying on what I learned when getting my Esthetics license. Thank goodness proper sanitation was absolutely drilled into us until it was almost muscle memory! Here are a few things that I am doing to ensure my client’s safety as well as my own! 

  • I have gotten a new kit that is completely plastic instead of fabric and canvas so that it can be cleaned and sanitized. 
  • In addition to the usual disposable items that I use like mascara wands and cotton buds, I have added a couple more items to my collection so that brushes are not the only option. Also, for my fellow makeup artists out there – sponges and eyeshadow applicators are fantastic for collecting product from your palette and then working off of the disposable with your brush. Definitely my favorite technique for powder products! 
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  • I’ve gotten more brushes so that I can make individual brush kits – in their own brand new cases – to limit the exposure that any brush might have to someone other than the client. 
  • Along with the brush boxes, I’ve gotten more bins so that items not being used are stored in containers and no longer displayed in the open.
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  • Through trial and major error including some reeeal cute face irritation, I have learned what masks do not work for me while holding a conversation with my client. 
  • Thorough cleanings of my studio happen between clients so that everything is disinfected before the next client arrives. If I am on location somewhere, I have been building extra time into my schedule and timelines to ensure that there is no rush or corners cut during disinfection between clients. 
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  • I’ve created a liability form addressing COVID and the symptoms that all of my clients sign saying that they haven’t knowingly been around someone with COVID – yay for protecting one another! 
  • On top of all those things, just like everyone else, I have purchased so many cleaning products, gloves, face shields, a fancy thermometer, and even a UV wand – might be overkill but, hey, it can’t hurt!
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I feel like I’m airing my dirty laundry featuring my relationships with the delivery people! Unfortunately, for over two months, I wasn’t allowed to work on clients and the only things that I could do were to read, take new certification courses addressing COVID and other risks, and to think about ways to keep everyone safe. I feel confident moving forward with appointments and I hope that all of my clients feel that way, too. After all, makeup is supposed to be fun and not stressful! I can’t wait for more events and photoshoots to take place because I am ready to play!

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