5 Intimate Ceremony Locations at The Meadows | Raleigh, NC

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5 Intimate Ceremony Locations at The Meadows | Raleigh, NC

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July 30, 2020

We’ve seen an influx of requests in our inbox for intimate ceremony celebrations. Whether at a courthouse or at the original venue, we wanted to share some ideas for spaces to tie the knot. We asked our friend, Kelley Farris, at The Meadows, to share a few locations that may be perfect for your smaller ceremony or elopement during this COVID era, and she delivered!

With wedding day logistics in constant flux, sometimes we take a mental vacation from emails to daydream about the pieces and parts of Pinterest boards we can still count on. (Yes, as a venue we care as much for the details and anticipation as you do!)

citrus table settings

Maybe your dress won’t make the courthouse cut, or your Maid of Honor can’t travel from CA. Your catering team is on hiatus, or your dance floor is feeling a little distanced. But amidst the changes, there are endless traditions that ring true in any environment —  least of which is that you’ll be a Mr. or Mrs. by the end of it all!

Maybe you’re tying-the-knot in your sneakers and your guests are FaceTiming in, but your intimate moments before starting forever are something worth making space for. And speaking of space, 115 acres of nature preserve is an objectively solid choice for nuptials amidst a pandemic.

intimate ceremony the meadows raleigh nc bride and groom

We’re as enthusiastic about our great indoors as we are for our grasses and sky high pines. And whatever your priorities or the weather are, our venue offers a variety of nooks to celebrate love. Read on for 5 of our favorite intimate ceremony locations.

colorful wedding bouquet

01 | The Veranda

It’s as quintessentially summery as it sounds. Enjoy a warm deck, something chilled to sip on, long stairs to help build anticipation, and then some. Whether you want to keep things quick and close to home or take the party to one of our tree swings, Aerie’s back deck offers no shortage of weather-protected options.

02 | The Vineyards

Need we say more? Our grape vines are a juicy new addition to the property and perfect for a private pre-ceremony frolick. It’s a meandering stroll from either house, just enough time to tame any butterflies.

03 | The Valley

groom holding bouquet

One of our most versatile and coveted ceremony spaces, it offers shade, sun, respite from nosy relatives, and towering pines. We’ll let the photos speak for themselves!

04 | The Trail

raleigh outdoor ceremony site

If you’re in the mood to journey, the destination won’t disappoint. Not all couples make to the far side of the property, but it’s well worth the hike in heels.

05 | Heron Hall

the meadows raleigh wedding venue

This last one is a bit of a wild card. Heron Hall is as diverse a building as the flora that graces our fields. Lush courtyards, roll-up glass walls, brick and barn doors, and then some. There are endless corners to cozy up in.

Whether you’re looking for adventurous, mid-century moody, shady and sweet, or something else entirely, our expansive preserve and reconstructed buildings offer consistently magical spaces for you and your loved ones!

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