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Hey, friends! Fun announcement alert! In exactly one month, one week, and one day, we’re going to be headed to ICELAND! (For the normal folks out there, we’ll be there from October 16-22.) We’re pretty excited about this trip and are wondering whether any of you lovely folks will be in Iceland at the same time as us (if so, send us a message to let us know!) OR have recommendations of things to see/places to go/food to eat! We’re tagging some people that we know will have some good suggestions. All suggestions are welcome! We can’t wait to share all of our fun photos from this trip with you all! 🙂

Here are just a few of the things we want to make sure we do while we’re there!


1) See the northern lights:This is really why we’re going to Iceland in the first place. It might be cold and rainy, but we’re really hoping that we get lucky!


Photo by Tatra Photography


2. Visit the Sólheimasandur plane crash: We have been taken with this for such a long time. It’s hard to explain why, but we are so more than willing to make the trek out on foot to see it!


Photo by More 2 Explore


3. Eat Icelandic hot dogs: We’ve heard about the amazing hot dogs in Iceland, and if you know us, you know we love food. We can’t wait to try them!


Photo by Corbis Images


We would love to hear your suggestions, too! Where should we go? What should we eat? What should we be getting excited about?




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