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The HOLGA minis

We’re kicking off 2022 with some fun mini session experience for you! We’re using one of our favorite cameras, the HOLGA, to create some perfectly imperfect photos for you.

One afternoon when Opal was around a month old, we decided to take a few photos with her at home. We posted the resulting photos on Instagram and got such a great response from you all! Like us, you loved the grainy, dreamy quality of these photos. The HOLGA is a very simple camera, but we love the feeling of these black and white images. We asked you if you would be interested in a HOLGA mini session, and so many of you said you would! We decided to offer a few exclusive spots to those of you who are just as crazy about black and white film as we are!


We’re offering 4 spots only on Saturday, March 12th. You can bring up to two people with you (three total).

Each slot is 20-30 minutes and is $295 until December 24th, when it will go up to $345!

You will receive your gallery of 10-15 digital images in 2-3 weeks and fine art prints of all of your images in 4-5 weeks.

To claim your spot, email us at with your choice of time:

-11:00 am

-11:30 am

-12:00 pm

-12:30 pm


Do you:

-welcome a little chaos?

-have a thing for black and white film and grain in your photos?

-feel okay with not getting a picture-perfect photo of everyone smiling at the camera?

-have a little who is young enough to not be tooooo wiggly (we recommend under 12 months for these)?

-want a fun experience that results in unique, stunning images that you can’t take on your iPhone?

Then the HOLGA minis might be for you! Send us an email at today to grab your spot!




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