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Hillsborough Riverwalk Family Photos | Matta Family

Fall is one of our favorite times in NC for family sessions and these Hillsborough Riverwalk family photos should indicate why almost immediately!

Mom and Dad swinging toddler
Hillsborough Riverwalk Family Photos
Fall Photo Family Throwing Leaves
Hillsborough Riverwalk Family Photos
Hillsborough Riverwalk Family Photos
Hillsborough Riverwalk Engagement Photos

This session was really special for us and one that we were looking forward to because Caitlin was one of the Still We Rise auction winners from this summer. We submitted a mini session as one of the prizes to help raise money for antiracist organizations like M4BL, the ACLU, Black Lives Matter, and The Bail Project. We were able to raise over $700 for these causes, which is amazing, and Caitlin was one of the two highest bidders. We’re so thankful that she and Wes decided to use a family session as an opportunity to make the world a better place!

The Hillsborough Riverwalk is a beautiful spot for family photos and Caitlin and Wes actually took us to a spot where we had never seen before. There’s a large circle made of tree trunks, which was beautiful and fun to explore. Oscar had lots that he wanted to do on this little adventure, including jump with his parents and throw leaves in the air!

For sessions with toddlers, we love letting them take the lead and following where ever their interests guide us, with redirection any time things get dangerous! Usually, we are able to get a few smiles out of them, which is far easier than trying to force it, as any parent of toddlers knows! Cate and Wes chose this spot because they’ve been here with Oscar before, so we loved getting to photograph them in a place that’s meaningful and familiar.

Cate and Wes, thanks for trusting us with these images! We were so glad to be able to meet and work with your family. Little Oscar is such a beautiful little guy and we hope we get to see him again as he continues to grow!

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