3 Floral Designers in Raleigh-Durham that Kick Bud

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3 Floral Designers in Raleigh-Durham that Kick Bud

#sorrynotsorry about that pun, but we have pollen in love with these amazing flower queens!

We wanted to give a huge shoutout to all of our florist friends. You work hard, taking care of precious flowers and without you, our work would be a little more lifeless. We’ve had the honor to work with so many amazing and talented florists but wanted to highlight three below because time and time again, they’ve shown us how much hard work they put in, constantly pushing themselves to take their designs to the next level!

Plume Events

Amy’s florals are always so classically and elegantly Southern. We love how much intention she approaches her floral designs with — when we photograph them, she knows exactly what to point out to us and settles for nothing less than perfection for her clients. Don’t believe us? Check out two of the incredible (and unique!) designs she created below!

Green and white cascading pageant bouquet
wedding centerpiece with pink florals

Bowerbird Flowers

If Diane’s work doesn’t knock your socks off, the inspiration behind her brand’s name will: male bowerbirds collect beautiful objects to build structures to attract their mates. I personally hope I come back in my next life as a female bowerbird, don’t you?

tropical bridal bouquet
bridal bouquet with pops of color

Wylde Flowers

We got the chance to photograph Nikelle and Hannah’s beautiful work at Suz and MC’s wedding (photos below)! Their Ikebana-inspired florals should have all minimalists at heart taking note! Nikelle and Hannah source a lot of their flowers locally — from their own garden. We love this and can’t wait to photograph their work again soon!

bridal bouquet at the Merrimon Wynne
bride holding bouquet at the Merrimon Wynne

Do you know of other florists in this area that we should be paying attention to? Leave us a comment below and let us know!

3 floral designers in the raleigh durham area




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