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Favorites from OUR Virtual Photo Sessions

Before we started officially offering virtual photo sessions over FaceTime, we wanted to try them out ourselves and make sure we put our money where our mouths are!

We did two virtual sessions, one with Trina Cary Photography and the other with Lauren Jolly Photography. They were both so much fun and really captured what our family time is like right now during the COVID-19 pandemic. Though our world seems so different than just a few short weeks ago, we’re trying to embrace this time as much as possible by playing together, getting outside, and spending time with Everest.

couple on bed with dog licking

For our session with Trina, Ian and I hung out in our room with Iris just before Everest woke up. It dawned on me recently that I don’t have any photos of Everest just running around in his diaper and hopefully he’ll be potty trained soon, so we woke up him and took him downstairs without getting him dressed. We read a book together (which we do around 15x a day now…) and enjoyed time in our favorite room of the house — our living room, which gets a lot of great light. We did decide to go outside for the last part of our session and it was a little bit chilly on that day so we put clothes on him and played on the swing and on our deck!

couple snuggling in bedroom
I love how Everest is just a blur in this photo! This is what he looks like all the time now!
family playing outside on swing
He loves swinging on this swing that we have in our backyard!

These photos are so unlike anything we would have gotten with an in person session, which is why we love them — COVID times are unlike anything that we normally experience, too. We don’t want to be glib about the pain and suffering and extreme decisions that so many are facing in the world right now, but we do feel really lucky to have these photos.

The second session we did was just of Everest and me, and our friend Lauren photographed it. It’s always special to have photos of just the two of us, and I’m really grateful for Lauren for taking these! The session followed the same overall pattern as our session with Trina: Evs and I played on the bed in my room and then came downstairs where the window light is amazing throughout the day.

Love how this double exposure came out!

Weren’t those fun? We would love to do a Facetime session with you, too! You can see more details about the sessions and book here!




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