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Family photo sessions during COVID

Since quarantine began, we were worried that we wouldn’t be able to keep our scheduled family photo sessions during COVID. This broke our hearts because regardless of the fact that the world feels like it’s come to a stop, our babies are still growing up! We didn’t want families to miss the chance to have their little ones photographed while they’re still so little.

Over the course of the last few months, we’ve had to get creative with family sessions. We’ve photographed outside with longer lenses and inside with masks, but we’ve made it work because we know well that these aren’t memories or moments you can get back! Unlike weddings or brand sessions, a growing baby isn’t really something you can reschedule! We’re sharing three beautiful sessions we were able to do recently.

The Warrick Family

We had initially planned these photos because Maeva’s Baptism was going to happen at this time, but because of COVID, it had to be postponed. However, the Warrick family decided to go ahead with photos to capture their sweet girls at this fun age. We went to Hollow Rock Nature Park, a new favorite spot for us, for these photos and had fun spending the morning exploring with them. Alé and Ben, thank you for scheduling this time for your family! We can’t wait to see how the matted folio you chose to have printed will turn out and are so glad you’ll have these heirlooms to look back on with your beautiful daughters!

black and white family outdoors
I just love the movement in this photo!
family swinging girl on walk
outdoor family session
girl twirling
Eve looks so peaceful while twirling here!
family photo sessions during covid
grandmother holding baby outside
I just loved this image of Maeva with her grandmother!
big sister holding baby sister outside
This photo of Eve and Maeva makes me so happy!
husband and wife photo session

Maren’s Newborn Session

Claire and Rhett welcomed Maren into the world this past May. The peaceful images of her in her new home are some of my favorites to date. We shot these on Ilford Delta 3200 and Portra 800 and love how they capture the sweet newborn days with a baby. Maren went through all of the normal newborn stages during this session — she ate, nursed, and peed and pooped — on her parents! You won’t be able to tell from these photos, but suffice it to say that we had a full and entertaining time together. Claire and Rhett, thank you so much for trusting us with these images. I was so happy to meet Maren and can’t wait to watch her grow up. Yours is a home full of love.

black and white newborn on film
baby girl neutral nursery
Isn’t Maren’s nursery absolutely peaceful?
new family in nursery
mom cuddling baby on bed

Having newborn pictures taken was so important to us because we know pictures have the ability to lock in a moment. This season of pregnancy and newborn life is so precious and fleeting. We want to be able to remember and cherish the quiet and chaos of these days. Especially with the extenuating circumstances of this spring, capturing moments on film to share with friends and family felt even more essential, as many are not able to physically walk alongside us due to health risks.

The day I met my husband during college, I asked him what he wanted to “do”. He said, “be a dad”. Our hearts have been locked since with the same intentions: to love each other well, live out our faith, and enter into the precious realm of parenthood. Motherhood, to me, is a calling. From middle school, I was the “mom” friend who carried bandaids in her purse. As a teacher, being called “mom” is a daily occurrence. Having my own baby, though, has been nothing short of sacred. When I found out we were having a daughter, my heart swelled with the adoration of my own relationship with my mother. I was filled with anticipation of one day fostering the same relationship with my daughter.

In my life, though, the role of mother extends far beyond the biological role. Whether it is a child you bore or a child you wrap your heart around, motherhood is a call to love big, to love sacrificially, and to love with intentionality and grace. It is raw, messy (pictured!), and broken. But it is the very stuff of life. When God in heaven sent Jesus to the earth for our redemption, he did so through a mother. Through dependency, birth, nursing, caring, comforting, crying, cleaning, and spurring on, every moment with my daughter is a precious display of the realest, most honest, and enduring love.

-Claire’s words about motherhood and this session
mom and dad holding newborn baby
parents with new baby
black and white newborn on film
family photo sessions during covid
This cuddly squish!
mom cuddling new baby

The Pietak Family

Last up, we photographed our brand new friend, Milo, in the Pietaks’ backyard. We’ve known Aniela since she was a baby as well, and she makes for such a great big sister! We can’t believe how much she’s talking and it’s amazing to see how loving she is with Milo and her parents. What do you all think? Does Milo look like Aniela did when she was a baby? These images perfectly demonstrate how you don’t have to go far from home (or leave it at all!) to get some beautiful family photos, even during this time. Laura and Mike, it’s always such a pleasure to see you! We can’t wait to watch baby Milo grow up alongside his sweet and smart big sister!

family standing outside with hydrangeas
dad with kids outside
outdoor newborn photos
mom cuddling baby on blanket outside
front porch family photos
big sister with mom and baby brother
Aren’t Aniela’s curls INCREDIBLE?!



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