Fall Wedding at The Carolina Inn | Chapel Hill, NC | Jacqi & Hayden


Fall Wedding at The Carolina Inn | Chapel Hill, NC | Jacqi & Hayden

Is there anything better than a fall wedding at The Carolina Inn in Chapel Hill, NC? Jacqi and Hayden decided to move forward with their wedding plans, altered though they were, to throw a beautiful celebration for their closest friends and family.

The Carolina Inn | Chapel Hill, NC
Bride's Dress Hanging in Black and White Hallway | The Carolina Inn
Carolina Inn Wedding Photographer | Chapel Hill, NC
Bride Puts on Earrings at Chapel Hill Wedding
Mom Zips up Bride in Black and White Hallway at The Carolina Inn
Bride Getting Ready at The Carolina Inn
Bride Holding Perfume | Fine Art Film Portrait
Durham Wedding Photography | Groomsmen Portraits
Black and White Hallway at The Carolina Inn
Bridesmaids Holding Bouquets | Chapel Hill, NC Wedding
Father and Bride First Look
Groom Portrait on Film
Chapel Hill, NC | The Carolina Inn
Groomsmen at The Carolina Inn
Fall Wedding at the Carolina Inn | Chapel Hill, NC
Fine Art Film Family Portrait
The Carolina Inn Bridal Portraits
Groomsmen at The Carolina Inn
Bride at The Carolina Inn
Groom Portrait at Chapel Hill Wedding
Black and White Hallway at The Carolina Inn
The Carolina Inn Outdoor Wedding
Groom Sees Bride Walking Down the Aisle
Autumn Wedding at The Carolina Inn
Chapel Hill Wedding Photographer
Wedding Party at The Carolina Inn
Double Exposure of Bride and Groom with Florals
Romantic COVID Carolina Inn Wedding
The Carolina Inn Wedding Party
Bride and Groom Portraits at The Carolina Inn
Wedding at The Carolina Inn
First Dance at The Carolina Inn
Bride and Groom Cutting Cake at The Carolina Inn

When asked how they met and how the proposal went, here’s what Jacqi and Hayden said:

We met through mutual friend couple, Ryan and Catherine. Hayden had asked Ryan and Catherine to come workout at his gym in Hillsborough. Catherine invited me to come be her partner, since she knew I did crossfit. After we went to eat at Ixtapa and we saw each other across the table. After, I kept asking Ryan about Hayden every time I went to their house. Eventually Hayden asked about me and Catherine called me to let me know. I DM’ed Hayden on Facebook and gave him my number. To which he asked me to coffee. Hayden proposed about a year after we started dating. He did it on a trip to Chicago to visit my parents. He asked me in the Walnut room of Macy’s department store. It was still all decorated for Christmas (my favorite holiday)!


How sweet is that? We love that it took a little persistence for Jacqi and Hayden to end up together — their marriage will definitely benefit from that! When we asked them what they were most excited for, they said, “The idea of everyone coming together and having a good time. Just having everyone we love and who has supported us to this point, being with us and sharing this special event.”

They filled this out during a time of uncertainty — we still didn’t know what would happen due to COVID. We’re so glad that everything came together to allow around 50 of Jacqi and Hayden’s friends and family members to be together and celebrate them at The Carolina Inn. Even masked, it was clear that everyone had so much fun sharing in the joy!

What advice do Jacqi and Hayden have for you?:

Just relax. In the end everything will work out the way that it should. Do not be scared to ask for help or advice. You would be surprised how many people want to actually help in your big day.

Jacqi and Hayden

Jacqi and Hayden, thank you for inviting us into your beautiful fall wedding at The Carolina Inn. We know not everything went according to plan, but you two handled it with such grace and love. We hope you look back with fondness at these photos for decades to come! Congratulations!

Thank you to the vendor team for this beautiful wedding! It would not have been possible without you!:

Planner – A Southern Soiree; Elizabeth

Reception Venue – The Carolina Inn

Officiant – John Osbourne

Cake – Smallcakes

Florist – Victoria Park Florist

Hair and Makeup – Mena Garcia

Band – Mixtape Grab Bag 

Ceremony Harpist – Udeshi Hargett

Rentals – CE Rental

Dress – Lana Addison Bridal




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