Durham Newborn Photographer | Welcome Baby Sullivan

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Durham Newborn Photographer | Welcome Baby Sullivan

As a Durham newborn photographer, I haven’t had the pleasure of getting to photograph a session like this before: three brothers!

Our friends, Lauren and Vaughan welcomed their third little one, Sullivan, into the family. Big brothers Finn and Rory loved cuddling with and holding him during their newborn session. Finn especially was so loving and it makes me excited to see Everest as a big brother some day!

Durham Newborn Photographer
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This certainly isn’t Lauren’s first rodeo. Not only is she a third time mama, but she also is a photographer herself! Since she’s such an expert at this, I asked her to share her top three tips for preparing for a newborn session with multiple kiddos! Read on to see what she has to share.

Newborn session with big brothers
durham newborn photographer
Mom and Dad holding newborn baby

Tip 1: Cleaning

Don’t worry about cleaning the house. The photographer can tidy up the area they want to work in and they are NOT judging your home, promise!

Note from Radhika: I really can’t echo this enough. Do not apologize to me about the crumbs on your floor or your dirty windows. I’m a busy mama myself, and ALL I’m focused on is how cute you and your baby are together!

Black and white image of dad with newborn baby

Tip 2: Feed that baby!

Feed baby as close to session time as possible and don’t change them into their session outfit until the last minute. That way, you can avoid spit ups and blowouts!

Newborn baby swaddled on bed

Tip 3: What to wear

Dress comfortably. If you’re uncomfortable in what you’re wearing, it will show in your photos. If that’s leggings, great. If that’s a flowy dress, great. Wear whatever makes you feel great and base everyone else’s clothes around that.

Note from Radhika: Yup.

Mom laying with newborn baby on bed

Bonus tip: Older kiddos

Make it fun for your older kids and just give into the chaos. Have fun and be silly and don’t underestimate the power of bribery 🤪

Newborn cuddles with big brother

Lauren and Vaughan, as always, thank you for trusting us with your images! I loved meeting Sully and seeing the boys again, and I’m so excited to watch these three little loves grow up together! You make my Durham newborn photographer heart so happy – love you FIVE!

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